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17 Captivating Chris Squire Quotes

Chris Squire was an English musician and songwriter, best known as the founding member of the progressive rock band, ‘Yes.’ Having been the only member of Yes to appear in all 21 studio produced albums. With decades of musical success, here is a look at some great Chris Squire quotes.

“A nightmare is two bassists on stage.”

“All movies, when they’re about the music business, tend to have a bit of a wide latitude in terms of how things really were.”

“Being called a ‘music legend’ is a very funny thing. It’s nice to know that my work has been appreciated and that people have given me that status. On a personal level, however, I can’t think about it too much. It means a lot… but then it doesn’t.”

“I couldn’t get session work because most musicians hated my style.”

“I guess the idea of doing albums in their entirety, in sequence, appeals to people. I guess it’s the memory of being able to hear the music in the way it was originally presented.”

“I know I always worked hard on making sure we came out with the best possible product and of course we were working with four other people, you have to balance that as well.”

“I was working in a music store in London, and this particular place happened to be the importers for Rickenbacker guitars into England. So I started seeing these basses coming in.”

“In a way, that’s always been Yes’ history to a large extent! Quite a few occasions when we’ve had a new band member or change in members, then we’ve done a new album with new chops and refreshed the musical approach.”

“It’s amazing that we’ve been able to put up with each other for 35 years. Most marriages don’t last that long these days.”

“I’ve always been a great believer that you have to keep producing new things in order to keep life interesting – not only for ourselves, but for the audience as well. That’s really always been our principle and way of working.”

“I’ve been called the journeyman. It’s really more by default than it is by design.”

“I’ve had to replace parts in the basses when they’ve gotten old or worn out, so everything isn’t absolutely original.”

“People are used to us being onstage for a while.”

“Pull the good out of it and not worry about the drawbacks.”

“The way Yes works is when we have a new member come in, as in Jon Davison, it’s appropriate that we see what differences we can get out of a new contributing member in order to keep Yes interesting.”

“We did do the whole of the live suite from ‘Fly From Here,’ and that was very enjoyable to do. In fact, that is actually our longest piece of music, I think, that we’d ever done.”

“You’re only as big as your last hit.”

Here is a look at the life, the man, and the music of Chris Squire.

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