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17 Best Pinterest Engagement Tips


Social media is a powerful platform and if that power is harnessed effectively then sales or marketing and advertising, branding and promotions can become relatively less daunting a challenge. Social media or social networks are all about engagement. The more you can entice your audience, engage them and interact with them, get them to spread the word, endorse you and refer your product or service, the more you shall succeed on sites like Pinterest.

In the associated info-graphic, you shall discover some fine insights which can help you to increase your Pinterest engagement by 275%.

Social media is a crowded place. Pinterest for instance has more than seventy million users and half a million businesses. In other words, half a million businesses are pitching their products or services to seventy million people. Even if a single user is targeted by two dozen brands out of the half a million, the user would be overwhelmed with the pitches. To increase Pinterest engagement, the strategy has to be relevant, precise and well thought out.

You cannot compose random posts, come up with generic strategies and target the entire user base of Pinterest. You need to define your target audience, you need to develop content that will appeal to them and you need to account for the habitual use of the active members on the site to make the maximum impact.

In the info-graphic, you will find out that a majority of users on Pinterest are women and they spend an average of ninety eight minutes on the site per month. Knowing what type of users are on the site and when they are online will help you to customise your strategy or even the tonality of your content to suit the target audience and you will know when to get overactive with your posts to gain the maximum traction.

Trying to increase Pinterest engagement is all about knowing the user statistics and finding out what works and what doesn’t work. Every industry is not met with the same level of interest by Pinterest users. Likewise, certain types of content appeal or entice more. You ought to entice your audience to engage them or you should at least educate or entertain. Without that you will not be able to draw the attention of your target audience who will have hundreds of other propositions to choose from.

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