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16 Marketing Quotes from MadMen’s Don Draper

Marketing Quotes from MadMen

There are a lot of things you can take from the dialog of Mad Men. The conversations between main character Don Draper (played by Jon Hamm) and other characters contain a ring of authenticity about it that fans of the show love.

But if you’re a fan of the show, have you ever really paid attention to the marketing wisdom of Don Draper?

Don Draper’s Marketing Tips

Along the way, Draper manages to drop some pretty intriguing marketing tips along the way:

1. Don Draper was once heard to remark that signing a client is also the beginning of the moment you begin to lose them.
2. Draper also once remarked that we are at our most fearful when we are anticipating something. How often would you say such a thought could be applied to you?
3. One of Draper’s most interesting bits of wisdom came from his belief that although success at work and in life does indeed take place in the real world, it is something that only occurs for a little while.
4. Another fascinating observation from Draper comes out of the notion that people in his line of work (advertising) will continue to work as everything collapses all around them, because what they are is a contradiction of being the most and least important thing there is.
5. Draper also seems to believe that people will listen to anyone, and that this fact comes out of a need to be told what to do, what to buy, how to think, and when to think it.
6. Draper also made it clear his belief that those who work in the advertising industry are ultimately the thing they’re trying to sell in the first place.
7. According to Draper, you should change the conversation when you don’t like where it is.
8. Draper seems to be pretty firm in his belief that our world has no specific system in place.
9. Draper believes that although life is short and potentially meaningless in the end, it’s still worth figuring out.
10. In Draper’s world, it’s not about lying. It’s about how the lie is handled.
11. Draper believes love was invented to sell products.
12. Draper believes good advertising can make anything sound good.
13. Draper believes that advertising sells happiness as a means of being freed from fear.
14. He believes change to be an indifferent concept.
15. He considers happiness to be the moment before the need for more.

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