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16 Law School Graduation Invitation Wording Ideas

Law Schools have increasingly become more costly in recent years. The average median cost for a public institution is almost $40,000. To celebrate the years of academic accomplishment and hard work, the below compilation of Law School Graduation Invitation wording ideas serve as perfect examples of the type of verbiage you can use.

[host name] announce with pride and pleasure the graduation of their son [name] from [school].

[name] graduating from [school]. Join us or a graduation celebration.

[school] proudly announces the graduation of [name] with a Juris Doctorate Degree specializing in divorce and family law.

Announcing the graduation of [name] from [school] specializing in Constitutional Law.

Announcing the graduation of [name] with a specialty in Tax Law. Please join the celebration as we honor [name] success.

Class of [year] announcing the graduation of [name] from [school].

Court is now in session. Announcing the graduation of [name] from [school].

Don’t make us send you a subpoena. [name] is graduating from law school.

Graduation is in order and your presence is summoned.

I, [name] announce my graduation from [school] specializing in [study]. Thank you for your love and support.

Please come and celebrate with us at a graduation dinner party in honor of [name] to celebrate her graduation from [school]. We look forward to seeing you there.

Please join us for food, cake, and celebration in honor of [name] graduating from [school].

The verdict is in. [name] is finally done with is Law Degree from [school].

With great pleasure and pride, I [name] announce my graduation from [school].

You are hereby summoned to appear at [name] graduation party.

You reached the top. Time to celebrate a bit.

Students that attend Law School have seen rising trends of debt. The average private school can cost upwards of $120,000 while a public institution can cost $75,000. However, the median salary for employees in the legal profession have seen a decrease. Many sectors of this industry has been focused on working directly in businesses or in the public interest. Only half of lawyers are employed in private practices. This and more important facts about law school are outlined in the below infographic.

Law School Facts and Statistics

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