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16 Famous Failure to Success Stories


‘Why do we fall Bruce?’ A dialogue from a major Hollywood blockbuster sums up the idea of never quitting. Christopher Nolan had obviously taken a cue from countless stories of succeeding after failing miserably to come up with that impressive scene which was not just used once but many times through the Dark Knight trilogy.

Every successful man and woman in the planet has failed, at least once. There cannot be success without failures. It is not without any reason that people say, failures are the pillars of success. Some of the most successful people in the world have failed and more often than frequent they have failed more than twice. Some of the legends have failed hundreds of times before they came up with a theory of relativity or invented the light bulb. From Einstein to Bill Gates, Edison to Steve Jobs, everyone had failed, at least once.

It is the attitude to never quit that sees one through the trials and tribulations of life. Never Quit – Famous People Who Failed Before They Became Famous is an account of some of the most well known names in the history of the world who had failed time and again and yet have emerged as legends in their own right. Whether it is the Nobel Prize winning scientists or billionaire investors, celebrities like Oprah or sports persons like Johnson, they have all met with severe failures before they could make it big.

Failure is an unavoidable reality if you are trying something new. You can only be unprecedentedly successful when you do something unprecedented. Doing the same thing as others will only lead you to a life that everyone else has. If you wish for success then you need to try new things, attempt what others don’t and then give it all you have got to make it a success. When you take such a route, there is no handbook, no guide and no godfather that can see you through. Naturally, you are indulging in a risk but a risk worth taking and as with any risk there is always a chance of failing. It is what you do after failing that paves the way for success or further failures.

Those who pick themselves up after failing and learn the lessons from their failures; they would always be successful if not equally famous.

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