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15 Ways to Stop Procrastination Right Now


Here is a look at some of key highlights from this infographic…

1) Knowing Yourself and Changing Your Perspective.
Knowing what your habits are in terms of procrastination is imperative to learning how you can avoid the habits and do more with your time. You will want to take the time to figure out what you like in your assignments to make sure that you can stay interested. The more interested you are, the less likely you will be to procrastinate as you will develop personal goals and get engaged.

2) Time Management and Commitments.
Time management is essential for defeating procrastination as it will give you an idea of how long you have to complete an assignment to make sure that it’s done on time. Being effective with planning is essential for committing to a project and staying committed until it’s finished. You will have a renewed faith in what you’re capable of and your quality of work will be astounding.

3) Be Realistic and Flexible.
We all have the idea that a solid schedule is essential for getting anything done when we all really need to be realistic. Setting huge goals for yourself will only make you feel like you’re behind so don’t have any unrealistic expectations of yourself. The more flexible your schedule is, the happier you will be from the work you’ve accomplished.

4) Positive Self-Talk and Fantasies.
Making sure that stop negative thoughts before they even start is the perfect way to make sure that a job gets done as you’ll have the personal encouragement that you need. Though it is important to note that you won’t want to indulge in any fantasies as your imagination could lead you to further procrastination. Be objective to get the best outcomes.

5) Planning and Delegating Small Chunks.
Being able to delegate small chunks is the best way to tackle a huge project as you won’t lose momentum and there won’t be as many obstacles to take on at once. A project may not even seem as huge when you work on small pieces at a time. Planning is a great way to prepare yourself in advance and it’s one of the best ways to counter procrastination.

6) Learning and Forgiving.
By avoiding the benefits of immediate gratification you will be able to assess mistakes before they happen and combat your procrastination. Make sure that you take the time to focus more on learning in the future. There will be times that you will slip up and procrastinate but learn how to forgive yourself as it won’t set you back.

7) Helping Yourself and Rewards.
Learning that you’re doing this on your own during the early stages is imperative to defeat procrastination as the more you think others will help you, the less work you’ll do on your own. Become self-sufficient and reward yourself for the progress you’ve made. For example, if you complete the project treat yourself to a shopping spree or a night out.

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