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15 Ways the Ultra Successful Stay in Shape


Your workspace is meant to be your own and be the area that inspires you to create. No matter what type of creation you are looking to produce, it is your workspace that creates the environment for your ideas. This means that your workspace can say a lot about you. Einstein said that a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, but an empty desk is also a sign. If you want to be inspired, it might help to take a look at the workspaces from some of the most accomplished people throughout history and learn organizational tips that really work. Here are the biggest takeaways from the infographic.

1) Mark Twain
He is known as one of the best writers of all time, but his workspace might not look the way you imagined. It features a pool table that he used for both leisure and work. Even when he was working on some of his most famed manuscripts, he would still entertain guests with his pool table. Writing and billiards were two of his favorite things in life and he combined them both in his workspace.

2) Roald Dahl
Some writers work best in a space that is organized chaos, but Dahl worked better in a space that was simply organized. He had a workspace that was set up in just the way that he preferred and everything was put back in its specified location at the end of the day. He was not able to come up with children’s books in a workspace that was not tidy or organized.

3) Virginia Wolf
Virginia Wolf is one of the most famed female novelists of all time and her workspace was located in a garden. She was inspired most when she was in her garden and this is where she would write for hours each day. She did not need much to create her works and only needed the amazing garden backdrop to inspire her legendary words.

4) Pablo Picasso
There are few artists that are as known and famous as Pablo Picasso. He is considered by many to be the greatest of all time, but his workspace is different than you might think. It is cluttered and complete with art from every angle. He is a creative and he loves to have all of his artwork on display when he is trying to come up with new ideas. You can see how his style has changed over the years in the different pieces that are on display in his workspace.

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