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15 Ways to Know You Nailed Your Company Logo


In the business world, a high quality logo is one of our most important tools you have to reach out to new customers as well as remind your current customers about your presence. Let’s look at some important tips to keep in mind when you are creating your own logo.

1) Keep it Simple and Your Own.
There is plenty of temptation to put together a complicated design, but a simpler design will be more memorable. Another important thing to remember is to keep your design something you created on your own.

2) Find Your Audience.
Consider your current customer base. What is unique about them? Is there an element of your logo that can speak to them and help them to associate your company with their lives?

3) Keep it in Scale.
The best logos are scalable so that you can use the same file to advertise at any size that you want to use. This way you don’t have to recreate everything that you need to use for advertising without having to recreate it.

4) Keep Things Moving.
Some of the best logos have a sense of movement to them so that you are either drawn along or given a sense of movement that adds to the appeal of the company’s logo.

5) Make the Empty Space as Valuable as the Full Spaces.
When you look at the elements of the logo, there should be empty spaces included along with the full spaces within the logo. It’s an important tool to provide a sense of balance in the logo.

6) Logos Should be Memorable for Your Customers.
When you look at a logo, it should stand out enough that it allows for that logo to stick in your customers’ minds so that they can think about your company any time that they see it or something similar.

7) It’s Time to Get to Work.
Now that you have the important design elements to keep in mind when you design your logo, you can start working on putting together a logo that is going to start connecting you with your customers and plenty of people that haven’t even heard about your company yet. Don’t rush too quickly, but don’t be afraid to try out a few different designs with your customers and see what works best for your company and the right logo to reach your customer base today.

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