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17 Roofing Industry Statistics and Trends

Roofing Industry Statistics and Trends

The roofing industry is expected to grow to $5.3 billion over the next several years. Recovery in the commercial and industrial segments are projected to increase in roofing demand.

Current Market

There are currently over 50,000 establishments engaged in the installation, roofing, siding, and sheet metal work valued at a total of $31.4 billion. US demand for residential roofing products is forecast to advance 4.0 percent per year to 147 million squares in 2020, valued at $10.4 billion. Growth will be boosted by an increase in housing starts, which will fuel demand for roofing as well as other building products.

Majority of contractors are centered in the following states:
– California
– Florida
– Texas

Roofing contractors have dominated 54.7% of market share with just 6,700 contractors accounting for 12.6% alone.

Industry Leaders

Among the largest companies involved in roofing, American Builders & Contractor Supply Co. has been able to increase its position from purchasing Bradco Supply Corp. This company alone receives $3 billion in annual revenue and employs almost 6,000 individuals.

Beacon Roofing Supply is another industry leader operating more than 175 branches in 36 states. They have posted revenues of $1.61 billion.

Guardian Building Products Distribution, Inc privately owns Pacific Coast Building Products, employing almost 4,000 individuals.

High Performance PVC Single Ply Roofing

The following video is focused on the history and documentary of a nationwide roofing manufacturing that is given credit for producing the fastest growing high performance PVC single ply materials.

Industry Materials

With the projected growth for commercial and industrial roofing, various roofing materials such as plastic and metal are looking to be the fastest growing in the United States. Residential roofing demands are leaning more towards metal panels and shingles as an alternative to tile and asphalt.

Roofing Industry Complaint Trends

The roofing industry has been listed among the top 10 industries that receive the most BBB complaints. In recent years, their position has slowly dropped down. The most popular document reasons for complaints are:

– Unsatisfactory Workmanship – More than half of complaints filed.
– Inability to contact the company – 25%
– Delay or failure to start or finish work – 16%
– Delay or failure to make repairs – 13%
– Poor customer service – 11%
– Missed appointments – 10%

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