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15 Pregnancy Announcement Wording Examples

Expecting a child can be considered to be a joyous moment. Many couples may have tried for years to have a child. The announce this special occasion to others, the following pregnancy announcement wording examples serve as the perfect examples to the types of messages you can include. These have been shared by others and intended to help inspire your own unique, creative, and personalized message.

A child is the richness of tradition, the excitement of youth, and the promise of tomorrow. We’re expecting our tomorrow this fall.

Here’s an announcement that is sure to be fun. Parents to be are expecting a son.

I’m as happy as be because I’m going to have a new baby sister to play with me. Mommy and Daddy are excited too. We couldn’t wait to share the news with you.

Oh baby, we have some news. We’re pregnant. We will be welcoming our bundle of joy into the world on [due date]. Warmest regards.

Pink or Blue? We simply can’t say. We’re so excited for our delivery day.

Roses are red, violets are blue, on [due date] our little miracle is due.

The best is yet to come… [due date].

The special time has arrived for us to share our big surprise. We are expecting a baby. We’;; have to wait and see if it is a boy or girl. Wither one will bring us joy. Expected due date [date].

There’s nothing like a brand new pair of genes. That’s right, we are expecting. Celebrate new life with us this spring.

Twinkle Twinkle little star, how I wonder what you are. We hoped and prayed it would happen some day and oh we’re pregnant by the way.

We are all excited and happy as can be. Guess what? Parents to be will soon be three.

we are letting you know we plan on expanding our house by two more feet. We’re pregnant.

We did it! We are having a baby expected on [due date].

We wished upon a star and it came true. Now we’re expecting baby number two. Expected arrival date [date].

We’re expecting the store to drop by next June. Who knows what it will be but we should know soon.

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