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15 Marketing Ideas for Insurance Agents

Everyone might need some insurance to help protect their way of life, but the industry is ultra-competitive and the lowest rates often win. Even if your create personalized services and lots of added value items to a policy, the guys with the lowest overall rates tend to win, right? What if you could market your agency in such a way that it sets you apart from other insurance agents in your area so that you can maximize the level of business you have?

The start of this process is the creation of an honest reputation. If you create an atmosphere that engages people and you promote your ability to help them, then you’ll get a lot further than if the perception you leave is focused on your own profitability. That’s a taste that is difficult to remove from someone’s mouth.

Best Marketing Ideas for Insurance Agents

1. Always Follow-Up Contacts
Every contact you have with a potential client is the chance to further a relationship and the more effort you put into it, the better your results will likely be. A handwritten note goes a long way toward making a positive impression because it shows a level of sincerity that a printed form letter just can’t create.

2. Utilize Modern Technology
Sometimes you have to go to your client instead of having them come to you so utilize all of the benefits of today’s technology. Utilize video conferencing through Skype for a face to face appointment. Set up screen sharing or online conference rooms. This way you can stay productive, keep policies active, and have more regular interaction with your clients.

3. Never Let People Leave with Empty Hands
Good memories are priceless and you can create good memories for your clients by making sure they have something after your meeting. You don’t need to create tons of swag to just give away, but a pen or some other nicety that they’ll find useful can help someone remember your contact information when needed.

4. Focus On the User Experience
A website that is easy to use is a website that will help you convert more sales. Focus on the user experience and make your website easy to navigate. Guide people toward the pages they need to go and you’ll have more people wanting more policies from you.

5. Nothing Substitutes a Positive Experience
Providing world class customer service is always the way to go. It can help lessen the impact of bad news and it encourages clients to refer others to you when they have an insurance need.

6. Keep Industry Language Out
Nothing is more frustrating for a client than not understanding what you’re talking about, so take time to make sure you’re using real language with your clients and not the lingo you use with your fellow professionals.

7. Focus On Important Dates
If you focus on individual relationships, you’ll create stronger bonds that will carry through to each renewal period. Birthdays, anniversaries, graduation days, and even the length of time a policy has been held are all ways that you can reach out and contact someone without needing an excuse.

8. Always Provide Value
Value is the land where your customer lives and if you don’t provide enough of it, then your competition will get your business. Value isn’t just in price. It’s also in information, in relationships, and in the efforts you take every day. Solve problems for people outside of the office and you’ll have a good chance to bring them in for an appointment.

9. Believe In Luck
Luck isn’t something that just spontaneously happens because good luck is earned through hard work. Put yourself into a good position through your marketing efforts and take advantage of the opportunities that come your way.

10. Use the Video Camera
Video testimonials are a strong indicator of value for people today and they can be used in a variety of ways. Post them on your blog for fresh content. Put them on your social media pages. Upload them to YouTube to help bring in more organic results. Even if the person isn’t known to the viewer of the video, the personal testimony will strike a chord and you’ll create the foundation of a new relationship.

11. Decide You’ll Be Great
Many insurance agent marketing efforts fail because of the decision that marketing needs to be done. Decide that you’ll be great and that personality will be reflected in everything you put out to your local community. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still be authentic, but it does mean that you shouldn’t approach your marketing efforts like Eeyore would.

12. Meet Over Coffee
People feel more comfortable during meetings if food or coffee is present so meet some clients for coffee and even offer to pay for it if you want. It establishes a close bond that will create a level of loyalty that will help you get past those agents that can undercut your price.

13. Put Your Name Where People Are
Name recognition is incredibly important and the more your name is out there, the greater your brand recognition will be. Focus on high traffic areas where eyes from your targeted demographics will be and you’ll be on the top of the mind in no time.

14. Follow People First
Don’t wait for people to follow your social media accounts because a lot of businesses in particular have their accounts manned by employees with whom you don’t interact. Follow their social media accounts first and you’ll likely get a reciprocal following in return later on down the road.

15. Respond In the Same Day
If you have a 24 hour rule, then eliminate it because a lot of things can change in a short amount of time. Try having a 4 hour rule instead if you get a contact from a lead. That way you’ll respond during the same day as much as possible and you’ll communicate that you care about that person’s needs in doing so.

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