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15 Long Tail Keyword Phrase Research Tips and Stats

15 Long Tail Keyword Phrase Research Tips and Stats

Targeting Long Tail Keywords

Many marketers tend to target simple keywords for their SEO optimization opportunities, which means they are missing out on a massive market. Over 70% of search engine requests are actually long term searches, which is also referred to as a long tail keyword. For example, “Potato chips” would be a standard keyword, but “Potato chips that are made with olive oil,” would be a long tail keyword. Though there are fewer overall exact searches for these longer terms, the competition is extremely low. This makes it a remarkable opportunity – does it make more sense to get 90% of 1000 daily searches for 900 total hits or compete in a competitive keyword where you might get only half the amount of total hits?

Move Your Website Up Higher

Websites that target long tail keywords have the potential to move up higher in the rankings than their counterparts that do not. According to recent data, the average website owner that maximized their SEO for long tail keywords moved their position up 11 places, compared to standard SEO methods that moved up a website an average of 5 spaces. Considering that conversion rates are 2.5 times higher using long tail SEO and CTR rates are higher up to the 7th spot in a search result on average, the benefits of using long tail SEO are very clear.

It’s Easy To Optimize For Long Tail SEO

One of the easiest ways to start optimizing your website for long tail SEO is to write a valuable blog post about the underperforming keyword that you’re targeting. Quality in today’s SEO world will always beat quantity, so just get a publishing schedule and stick to it. You will get better results from publishing two high quality blog posts per month on your long tail keywords than if you publish 10 low quality posts. How much time would it take to write 800-1000 words for the month? How much might it cost you if you contracted that out?

Make Sure You Use Variety!

If there’s one thing that a search engine loves about your website, it’s the fact that you can get organic traffic thanks to a vast majority of keywords. When using long tail SEO, you can use a wide variety of these underperforming keywords to help boost the overall ranking of your site with very little effort. By going through the analytics of your site, you can even specifically target the keywords that are being used to find what you’ve got using search engine results. This can help set your website up for a bright future almost immediately!

Don’t Forget To Share!

Socialization, when combined with your long tail SEO efforts, will help to engage your audience wherever they may be. Whether you have to create a video or two or start having conversations on forums, the more of your audience that you directly engage, the more success you’ll have with your SEO efforts. If you’re ready to start taking advantage of the more than 70% traffic that uses long tail keywords, then use these tips today for your site so that you can maximize your potential rapidly.

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