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15 Home Inspection Marketing Ideas

Whenever someone wants to sell a home or they need to have the valuation of their home considered, they’re going to call for a home inspection. This job is often seen as a chore and is often seen in a negative way because homeowners have to spend money on you to save money on their mortgage or make money from the sale of their home. Marketing your business can be costly too… and without a good return, you could find your bank reserves dwindling fast.

Here are some unique and effective ways to help your home inspection business grow that won’t break your marketing budget in the process.

Awesome Home Inspective Marketing Ideas

1. Have a Good Business Plan
One of the most overlooked areas of good marketing is a good business plan. If you don’t have an idea of what your local market can support, then how can you effectively market to them? Talk to people, see what they expect out of you, and you’ll cut out unnecessary expenses.

2. Get Known
If you’re not involved with your local community, then people aren’t going to know who you are or feel like they have a relationship with you. This doesn’t cost much and many times you’ve just got to interact with people on the street to make a difference. If you volunteer your time somewhere, that’ll get noticed too.

3. Join Your Local Chamber of Commerce
When you start networking, you start developing results. Your local Chamber of Commerce likely holds monthly events that are specifically held for industry professionals to network with each other. Attend these events, shake some hands, and bring lots of business cards because you never know when a lead might come your way.

4. Your Time Is Valuable
Every moment you waste on a bad marketing plan is a moment where you’ve lost money. With good time management, you’ll have a better idea of what you can or cannot do during the day and this will make each task more effective.

5. Set Goals
Without any goals, you’re just going to be wandering around, trying to figure out what it is you should be doing. Don’t just set overall goals. Set daily and weekly goals to achieve and then work toward them in some way.

6. Keep Information Close
If you don’t have software to help you organize your prospect list then get some installed right away or have a system that lets you quickly access someone’s information. Every bit of knowledge that you get from a prospect is information that can lead to a sale.

7. Focus on the Experience
If you’re not giving people something to talk about, then they won’t talk about you at all. What would it take for you to recommend someone’s services? Answer that question and you’ll know what it is that you need to provide others to get the same results in return.

8. Take Advantage of Social Media
Social media is a great place to engage customers and it is also a great place to create enemies. Treat people online just like you would if they came into your shop and you’ll create a welcoming forum for people to join.

9. Solicit Online Reviews
According to websites like E-Marketer, more than 80% of people are positively and negatively influenced by online reviews. These reviews are the foundation of your online reputation and if your reputation is negative, your bank account won’t be in the black. Ask for good reviews, offer incentives for people to leave them, and you can repair any online reputation fast.

10. Start an Email Marketing Campaign
Email addresses are a great way to stay in contact with people and provide them with proof of the value that you provide. Don’t just make it about the sales, however, because that will turn people off and send your emails to their spam folder! Talk about ways people could increase their home’s value, for example, or offer tips that can help them repair common issues. This free info will establish a relationship that is seen as valuable and that, in time, will also create loyalty.

11. Form Business Partnerships
You don’t have to do everything by yourself, but may home inspectors feel like they’re an island out in the middle of a great big ocean. There are a number of professionals in your community, right now, who could use your services in the course of their business day. Form partnerships with them and you’ll quickly create a new line of revenue that is fairly reliable.

12. Make Your Website Inviting
The issue with a personalized business is that marketing materials tend to reflect the ego more than they reflect the customer. If your website is all about you and not about the value that you provide, you just won’t ever maximize your business. People want to know you, so have your picture up there. People don’t need to know how awesome YOU think you are. Be awesome for them.

13. Maximize Your Local SEO
You don’t need to be the #1 overall link for all searches related to home inspection, but you’re missing out on referrals if you’re not the #1 link for local searches for your business. Maximize your search engine optimization by focusing on locally targeted keywords and search phrases to help generate some extra business.

14. Build Relationships
Every interaction you have with someone is a chance to build a relationship with them and create a good impression. Good relationships not only create loyalty, but they’ll also convert people into being your ambassadors – even if they’ve never booked your home inspection services before!

15. Have a Direct Response Website
If people can’t book your services online after they’ve found you then you’re going to lose out on some sales. People today aren’t just going to pick up the phone to call you for an appointment. They will, however, think about booking an appointment with their midnight snack. If your website won’t let them do that, then you just won’t have the level of business you want.

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