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17 Great YouTube Video Advertising Trends and Statistics

YouTube Video Advertising Trends

Advertisers, You Need YouTube

It has been discovered that every month, YouTube has approximately 1 billion unique visitors who are on the lookout for videos of interest. Brands can take advantage of this and develop contents. However, many have underestimated the enormous potential of this platform. The time has come for brands to take advantage of this and reach out to more people.

The Increasing Importance of Video Marketing

The trend is changing as consumers are no more interested in the traditional marketing methods. They seek to have much more interesting contents. Taking advantage of this is a way of building a great relationship with customers. With YouTube, you can make this happen.

Break down of amount spent on digital video adverts.

Here is a look at the analysis of the revenue growth recorded since 2011 and the projected revenue for some years ahead.
2011 – $2.00 Billion
2012 – $3.93 Billion
2013 – $4.14 Billion
2014 – $5.75 Billion
2015 – $6.99 Billion
2016 – $8.04 Billion

In a bid to increase social media exposure, companies like Nike and Google which are listed on AdAge’s 100 leading advertisers runs campaigns on YouTube.

Top Brands on YouTube

The leading brands on YouTube are having the expected results. This they achieved by developing a balanced, clear and engaging message for their clients.

Here is a breakdown of their results.
• 884,000 monthly views.
• 98,000 views per video.
• 35,000 subscribers.
• 203,000 million twitter followers.
• 2.6 million Facebook likes.

For YouTube channels, the average top channels have the following:
• $23,000 in monthly revenue from adverts.
• For each minute of video uploaded by the top 1,000 channels, 350 social interactions are created.
• Each month, as a result of activities of top subscribers, there are 7.5 million favorite videos, 25 million comments and 55 million ratings.
• YouTube has over a billion users, almost one-third of total internet users.
• More than 500 million hours of videos are watched on YouTube each day.

Increase Exposure and Revenue

Old Spice became the most viewed channel on YouTube ahead of Google. Thanks to its “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like” campaign. This resulted in 80,000 new twitter followers for this brand in about 24 hours, 800% Facebook activities and 107% increase in sales. Exposure is also an additional benefit of YouTube. “Gangnam Style” was the most popular video ever seen by YouTube with over 1 billion views and $870,000 in revenue from you tube.

The Dynamic Growth of YouTube

Lots of videos are uploaded to YouTube, it reaches more of the US adults of age bracket 18-34, ahead of any other network and it is still growing. From the US population of internet users, 27.5% makes use of YouTube few times per week, 13.7% rarely uses YouTube, 21.7% use YouTube every day, 14.5% use YouTube few times a month, 10% makes use of YouTube once a week, 8.5% never makes use of YouTube while 4.0% visits YouTube at least once a month.

As Popular As Ever
YouTube has been owned by Google since 2006, it is referred to as the giants of all videos. It has thousands of videos and receives unique visitors monthly. Here is a list of the favorite video sites used by United States internet users since March 2013.

• Google Sites, 125,924 unique visitors, 12,777,222 videos.
• Facebook, 63,821 unique visitors, 705,602 videos.
• Vevo, 51,986 unique visitors, 585,213 videos.
• Yahoo Sites, 50,303 unique visitors, 371,667 videos.
• Viacom Digital, 43,834 unique visitors, 456,070 videos.

It has been discovered that as compared to other sites, users spend more time on YouTube. Since March 2012, for Google sites, the average time spent is 397.1 minutes, for news distribution networks, 85.4 minutes is spent and for American online, 59.4 minutes is spent. Even at that, internet users are in a search for more as the trends have shown an ever increase in the interest of users.

In May 2012, an average of 3 billion hours were spent watching videos on YouTube, this increased to 4 billion hours in August of the same year and 6 billion in May of 2013.

In summary, it can be seen that there is an ever increasing trend in online video and it is all centered on YouTube. Smart investors should take advantage of this today and capture the attention of their audience. This can be done by creating quality contents for existing as well as potential clients.

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