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15 Destination Wedding Save the Date Wording Examples

The save the date card is normally provided before a formal wedding invitation is sent. These tend to represent your style and theme of your wedding. To get started, use bright and bold colors and include graphics. Save the date cards can be as simple as a postcard or elaborate and interactive such as a puzzle. The following listing of save the date wording examples are perfect for destination weddings and couples that intend on traveling for their wedding.

A romantic affair… something special is in the air. Kindly save the date for a tropical marriage celebration uniting [names] on [date]. Invitation and travel arrangements to follow.

He asked. she said yes. Save the Dates. [names] are getting married on the sparkling beaches of San Juan, Puerto Rico. Wedding details to follow.

It’s written in the stars that they are meant to be… so write on your calendar there’s going to be a party. Save the Date. [date and names]

Ocean waves will do the clapping, as our vows we will say. The sky will be our canopy, on this our wedding day. Kindly save the date for a tropical marriage celebration uniting [names] on [date]. Formal invitation to follow.

Our day is fast approaching and we can hardly wait. We hope that you can join us. Be sure to Save the Date. [names] will be married on [date]. Invitation to follow.

Save the Date for a romantic affair. Something special is in the air. [names] are getting married [date and location.] Invitation will follow.

Save the Date to take part in the celebration of live as we [names] exchanging wedding vows on [date].

Save the Date! [names] are getting married on [date] in Honolulu, Hawaii. Invitation to follow.

Save the Date. Love on the slopes! [name and date]. Invitation to follow.

The Bride and Groom are thinking of you. Please be there when we say, ‘I Do.’

Times are busy and calendars are full. [names] wanted you to know they are planning their wedding for [date and location]. Invitation to follow.

To have and to hold from this day forward. [date and name].

We’re taking the plunge! Hope you’ll be there to celebrate our flight. [names] say I Do [date].

We’re taking a gamble of a lifetime. Please reserve the date [date] as we are going to tie the knot in Las Vegas, Nevada. Invitation to follow.

We’re tying the knot in paradise. [names] Save the Date [date and location].

The below infographic provides examples of save the date messages and offer a listing of creative ideas for presenting these special cards. Based on what your specific tastes are, you can provide creative shapes to your cards or symbols that represent the theme of your wedding. Give out keepsakes such as a remix CD for music lovers or pencils.

Guide to Save the Date Cards

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