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15 Comeback Stories of Brands that Were Failing


You might assume that many of the most popular brands out today that you know and love has always been on a path to success. However, this has not been the case for many of the popular brands out now. There are a number of brands that have found their way back after almost losing everything. Here are the key takeaways from this info graphic.

1) Apple
This might be one of the most famous brands that currently exists. It is known for being innovative and on the cutting edge of technology. Smart phones have been influenced by Apple more than just about any other brand. Apple has changed the way that we use technology and is known for producing products that people use each day in a variety of ways.

Apple was founded in 1997 and was actually at risk for becoming bankrupt before Steve Jobs made his way back to the company. He was forced out in 1985, but came back when Apple was in shambles. It was through Steve Jobs that Apple made the decision to move away from computers and focus on mobile devices. This one decision is what changed the entire trajectory of the company. It is now one of the most valuable companies in existence.

2) Polaroid
This is one of the few companies that has seen failure just as often as success. It was founded back in the late 1930’s and became very successful in 1970. The popularity of this company lasted throughout the 1980’s, but the creation of the digital camera started the demise of this company. Polaroid even stopped making more cameras back in 2007. However, this company made a comeback in 2010 and actually has many people that are looking for this type of camera. There is a specific market that Polaroid can still cater to. People that are looking to take instant selfies are the ones that Polaroid can count on to buy their products.

3) Nintendo
Being a main player in the world of gaming is not always an easy task. Nintendo released the first gameboy back in 1989 and it was one of the most popular gaming devices through the late 1990’s. However, once Sony and Playstation began to launch their counterparts, this company started on a downward spiral. The DS and Wii are the gaming systems that allowed Nintendo to make a big comeback and reclaim their place on top in the gaming world.

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