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14 Ways to Motivate Yourself to Work


Self-motivation is a core component of success, and you’ll find that almost all of the most successful people around the world – athletes, actors, and businesspeople of all walks of life – are able to self- motivate themselves to get the job done even when they don’t “really feel like it”. Unfortunately, the overwhelming majority of folks out there just as that kind of power – that raw willpower – to push through the kinds of setbacks that lead most of the same will get around to whatever it is we were supposed to be doing just a little while later. If you’re going to build the kind of financial future than most people get the chance to dream of, and if you want to make sure that your career is built on a stable foundation with the potential for unbelievable success, you need to learn how to lean into discomfort and work when you don’t feel it.

1) How Do You Eat an Elephant?
The most important thing you can do when you’re finding a lot of real resistance to sitting down and tackling a project that you may feel is overwhelming is to remember the of treating each project like you would the task of eating an elephant – just take it one bite at a time. Break your large projects down into smaller chunks, make sure that they are manageable, measurable, and chunks that you can knock out relatively quickly and you will be able to build the momentum and the motivation you need to light your fire again.

2) Reward Yourself Often
Most people don’t want to sit down and slog through a backlog of work just because they know it isn’t going to be fun and they aren’t going to be instantly rewarded. Break that chain by rewarding yourself early and often, building positive reinforcement into the process of working you don’t necessarily feel like it. You’ll be able to supercharge your results and build positive work ethic at the exact same time.

3) Reorganize Your Workspace
Believe it or not, the environment that you work in may have a much larger impact on whether or not you feel like working then you may have ever realized. This is why you’re going to want to do a real audit of your workspace, trying to find the optimal kind of workspace you need to tackle tasks whenever they arise. You might be able to work with music in the background, or you may need silence. You may be able to work in front of a beautiful bay window with everything going on outside, or you may need a windowless office to get work done.

Find your sweet spot and build off that.

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