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14 Unique 40th Birthday Party Invitation Wording Ideas

Turning the big ’40’ can be a significant time in many people’s lives. Some foresee this as a major turning point of transferring into the older aging process while some look at it as a second opportunity to relive their 30’s for a second time. For those that are celebrating their 40th birthday, the following party invitation wording ideas act as great samples for spreading the word.

[name] is turning 40 so lets get down and dirty. Join us for a night on the town on [date] at [location].

[name] is turning 40. Come celebrate with us on [date] at [time]. [location and address]. If you can come, please RSVP with [name] at [number].

[name] is turning 40. Let’s have a girls night out. We’re going to hit the downtown scene and have a blast no doubt.

Celebrate my 40th birthday A disco party is on the way. We’ll have some drinks and wine Get drunk til midnight, that’s just fine.

Come hold up your glass, and wish [name] good cheer, [he/she] is celebrating 40 years of life this year.

Downtown we will go, a grand party we will throw. Join us for [name] 40th birthday dinner at [location].

I’ll be lighting 40 birthday candles Help me blowing them all. Come and join my party.

Let’s celebrate my 40 years. Bring in some luck and cheers. Sharing the blessings and drinks Come and let’s party.

Please join us for cocktails, hors d’oeuvres and cake on [date] at [location].

Please save this date, and come help us celebrate [name] is turning 40 so we are throwing a surprise party.

Say it isn’t so, [name] is turning the Big 4-0 on [date] and [time].

Shhh, Don’t tell it is a surprise party, please join us for fun as we celebrate [name] 40th birthday on [date] at [location].

We’re lighting 40 candles to make sure [name] knows just how much we love him/her and we really hope it shows.

You are cordially invited to attend a surprise 40th birthday party for [name] on [day of week] at [time].

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