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14 Tips for Dominating the Office Politics Game


How You Can Be Popular At the Office

No matter what happens, some people end up just being more popular than others at the office. That can be you too, even if you’re just starting out in a brand new office or it’s your first day in a new job. There are certain things that people do and don’t do that make them popular and it’s a pretty easy formula. Follow it, be yourself in all things, and you’ll be more popular in your office than ever before.

Stay Away From Joining Negative Gossip

Though it can seem like misery loves company, people ultimately don’t want to be dragged down by a negative influence. Talking bad about a supervisor or other co-workers might create an atmosphere where you seem popular, but chances are it’s making you more unpopular than ever before. Think about it – if people are willing to talk negatively about other people with you, then they’re likely talking negatively about you to other people. Stay in control of your language, as well as your actions inside and outside of the office, and you’ll build the reputation of popularity at the office you want.

Care About Your Appearance

Sometimes it can seem like the grungiest person in the office is the most popular, but that’s just surface popularity that’s fleeting at best. We are sometimes attracted to a rebellious lifestyle that focuses more on what we would consider to be important, but ultimately, a lack of personal care communicates a lack of caring about the things that matter as well. Take time to shower, have a nice haircut, and smell good every day. This will give yourself an air of confidence that people will find attractive and that will ultimately make you popular at the office in the long term.

Take Time to Talk… and Learn Names

Nothing communicates that you care about someone more than taking the time to talk with them and address them by name. By knowing someone’s name and using it routinely, you’ll prove to other people that you’re putting their wellbeing near the top of the heap when it comes to the things that are important to you. When you do that with multiple co-workers at the office, people will actually look to you for pertinent conversation, advice, or tips to finish that big project they’ve got going on. So take some time and engage in a conversation here and there because that is one of the fundamental keys to being popular.

You Build Popularity One Step At a Time

You don’t have to be popular to act popular, and visual popularity is just as important as real popularity. Don’t expect to be the most popular person at the office on the first day of work or through your first effort at being popular. You don’t climb a staircase in one giant leap, but you can climb it taking things step by step. Take those first steps toward popularity today by using this advice and sooner rather than later you’ll be popular too.

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