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14 Most Likeable Personality Traits


Love and hate are two sides of the same coin. They are both extreme emotions and the two are interrelated in several ways. When someone or something ticks all the right boxes or satiates your personal preferences, you will love that person or thing. When someone or something offends you, does not meet your preset criteria of what makes things or people desirable to you, such people or things will not appeal to you. The extreme form of this reaction is hate.

While every individual has the prerogative to like someone, there are some individuals in the world whom a staggering majority of people like. You may think of Leonardo DiCaprio or Angelina Jolie, Oprah Winfrey or Shakira. They are all celebrities and are phenomenally talented but it is not just their stardom, fame or money that makes most people in the world like them. There are many attributes of these people that appeal to others. It is characteristics of an individual that make them a likable person. Fame or money, success or celibacy will allow people to be known. The celebrities may have become popular because of what they do or have done but for them to be liked by others, they need to have certain attributes. There are many celebrities that people don’t like. Would you consider Lindsay Lohan as a role model or is she even remotely likable for a majority of people?

In 14 Habits of Phenomenally Likable People, you will get to know of those traits or attributes that make some very popular people very likable. You may have read articles about certain pop stars not paying tips at restaurants. Does that make them likable? You may have come across news reporting celebrities being rude, in public or in private. Those traits don’t make someone likable. Many celebrities, politicians, sports individuals and high net worth individuals have lost their popularity simply because they were not liked any more. Their actions, behavior or simply their attitude had turned off people and that doesn’t just cost their likability but at times their popularity and their very profession.

Explore the 14 habits of phenomenally likable people and you may want to consider developing some of those, if you don’t have them already. Possessing these attributes will make you likable for people around you. Everyone wants to be liked by others but few take the necessary steps to make oneself likable.

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