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13 Ways to Make Your LinkedIn Profile Great


As job searching meets social networking online, the importance of websites that boosts your job skills, like LinkedIn become increasingly important. As a result, your need to relate yourself positively is paramount to getting a job. However, even if you have all the skills necessary and are an excellent match, a poorly set up LinkedIn Profile will stop you from getting the job.

Lets work on how you convey yourself through your profile, and work on some target areas you can focus on to create a better profile.

The Basics

A person looking to employ you will first look through your profile like they look through your job application. They will give it a brief scan over, and only continue if they are interested. As a result, focus on your photo, headline, and contact information. Your goal is to make all this information stand out as clearly and simply as possible.

Your picture should have a white background if possible, and be the most aesthetically pleasing photo you can take. Sadly, research has been done that shows that looks do in fact manner. So, don’t handicap yourself and spend a few extra minutes taking a good picture.

When it comes to your headline summary, keep it simple and concise. Focus on words that show how qualified you are, as well as your ability to save time and money. Talk up the company you’ve previously worked for as much as yourself.

Finally, when it comes to contact information, keep it professional. Having links to a self promotional website and twitter are accepted, where any other social media is usually frowned upon. Remember an e-mail address.

Keeping Active

A stagnant profile is not likely to get much attention. In addition, not updating your profile is not going to do anyone, especially yourself, any good. As a result, you should focus on keeping your content up to date and relevant with the work you are doing.

The Summary

When it comes to the summary, focus on keywords that are likely to appear in related searches. If you are into some aspect of marketing, then including the words market, marketing, and similar will help you appear on lists created by prospective employers.

Awards and Recognition

The final thing to keep up to date with are your awards and recognition. The more people that support you and know you, the greater your chance of being hired.

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