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13 Reasons to Use Branded Promotional Products

Promo Products A Small Price for Tag for a Long Lasting Impact

Promo Products

Business lenders are making use of promotional products to increase value for clients as a strategy to gain the edge over the competition. It is a nice tool used for marketing purposes.

Promotion Impacts and Influences Exposure

Research has revealed that over 70% of business persons received a promotional products in the past year. Of this group, 33.7% had the items placed on a position where it can be seen by all. Over 75% of the sampled population would recall the brand name of the product they received the past year. In comparison, 80% of the participants read the national papers while 53.5% would recall the advertisers name.

Impression of the Advertiser

A significant amount, over 50% reported having an impressive impression since receiving the item while those who previously did not do business with the advertisers were poised to begin doing so with an organization that gave them an item. Over 50% of them did business with the advertisers ever since receiving the item.

Frequent Exposure/Low Cost Per Impression

It was revealed that over 70% of the recipients used the item at least once a week, 45% made use of it at least once a day while 55% kept it for over a year. This implied repeat exposure.

Pass Along Exposure

From the sampled population, 53% said they gave the item to someone else. 30% disposed of the item if they had no plans of using it, 45% filed the items away while 26% provided reasonable exposure for the advertisers as they passed the item along.

Why Keep The Item?

From the research it was discovered that 75.4% felt it was useful to keep the item, 20.2% felt it was attractive, 1% referred to it for information while 3.3% have other reasons for maintaining the item.

3 Advantages to the Advertiser

1. There is a high recall.
2. There is repeat exposure to the message being passed across.
3. It creates a positive impression for the advertisers and a business friendly environment.

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