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13 Great Email Marketing Tips from the Pros


Email marketing can be very effective. But you have to perfect your email marketing strategy. Most companies don’t derive anything substantial from email marketing because there is a dearth of thought, planning and the execution is anything but proper. Right from generating the emails to sending out the perfect content and then following it all up, everything has to be well planned and it must entice the audience.

Only then would you reap the amazing rewards of email marketing. You may be investing in myriad forms of marketing, online and offline. Don’t try to find a substitute of email marketing because there is none. Here is how you can perfect your email marketing strategy.

1) Generate Email Subscribers Who Are Relevant.
You don’t need random email addresses. You need email addresses of people who would be interested in your products or services and would be willing to buy or sign up. You don’t want inactive email ids so don’t purchase databases from vendors. You don’t want unwilling subscribers so don’t compel people to provide you their email addresses. They would just unsubscribe when you send out the newsletters or any other content.

2) Use Subscribing Forms or Pop-ups on Your Website Smartly.
Ask visitors to subscribe on a page where there is an amazing content helping the visitors in some way. Once they get the information that helps them, the visitors will be more interested in signing up for newsletters and other communications to see what you have in store for them.

3) Work on Email Marketing Content to Make it Perfect.
It should have a compelling headline or subject, one that will entice the recipients to open and read the email. Don’t have generic emails. The email content must be personalized. You can just use the first name or last name or both for personalization. The content must be helpful. It could be a bunch of offers but even then that must be helpful and not just outright promotional. When a promotion is solely self serving, it defeats the purpose of the promotion. People like to benefit from promotions and that is how you should treat your promotional newsletters.

4) Do Not Have an Abrupt Or Unplanned Email Marketing Campaign.
Be consistent, have myriad types of content, mix it up, time the emails well so the recipients get to check them soon and also to avert having the emails lost in the inbox.

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