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13 Awesome Banner Ad Marketing Statistics and Trends

13 Awesome Banner Ad Marketing Statistics and Trends

Who Really Looks At Banner Ads On The Internet

Are you wondering who really looks at the “Banner Ads” on the internet? Well, you are not alone. Banner ads are heavily used today in the online world. They are used as a means of advertising for Large multi-billion dollar companies and small start up companies alike. Banner Ads are also used quite a bit in the online marketing world. Anyone who know anything in MLM or Network Marketing, know how important and beneficial a “good “ banner ad can be.

What Is The History Of Banner Ads?

Banner ads have been around since about 1994, after their first appearance, millions of companies have used the ads and advertising medium over the internet. These special little banners are designed to be bright and colorful. They are meant to be thought provoking and “click worthy,” so that the person seeing the ad is drawn to it and is interested in finding out more. The downfall of the popularity and some would call, “overuse” or “saturation” of the market, on the Banner Ads is that no one really knows which ads they can trust and which ads might be some sort or “scam” or virus. It is very hard to tell.

After the ads being around for years, the question remained as to who exactly is still looking at these “Banner Ads?” Who is clicking the colorful advertisement, and more importantly who is not. Studies show that internet users, ages fifty five and older are most likely to click on the ads.

Who Is Looking?

When asked the question among eighteen to twenty-four year olds, they said they had clicked on a banner ad before as well. If you are looking for a large “click through rate” for your advertising, you will be seeing a figure of around 2.1% when you run your reports. That is the average rate given.

A target audience, would be the “College Graduates.” When asked if they had clicked on a banner ad in the past 6 months, a whopping, 71 percent said they had indeed, clicked on a banner ad. The same question was asked to people who had not graduated from high school and the rate went down to 59%. With all of this being said, keep in mind that Facebook, who is a billion dollar company and has over 280 Billion users, primarily uses Banner Advertising as a huge advertising platform.

Why Does Anyone Click On These Ads Anyway?

Are you wondering what it is about these “magical” banner ads that makes people click on them? Well, 39% percent of people who were asked the very same question, said it was because it sparked interest in a product they were curious about AND sparked interest in something they had never seen advertised before.

As the advertiser you will see the going return on your click through, on average around $.25 to .55 cents earned per click, (EPC).

What Is The Reason Why People Don’t Click On The Banner Ads?

There are many reasons people don’t click on banner ads. There is a certain “stigma” associated with this type advertising. Some people think that their movement will be tracked. 54 percent of people do not trust the online ads they see. Another 57 percent think they will get spam mail if they click on the ad, while others say the ads simply aren’t relevant or are just not in the mood to be looking around or clicking on the ads.

You can find many reasons to use Banner Ads for your advertising needs. The choice should be made by choosing a reputable online Banner Ad provider. You can also find several ways to use this form of advertising that can find quality leads and highly, targeted audiences.

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