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125 Catchy National Safety Day Slogans for Posters

No matter the industry you operate it, keeping safety at the forefront of your mind will ensure that the workplace reminds a safe place. These catchy National Safety Day slogans for posters serve as a great example to the many ways you can capture attention and highlight safe practices.

10 Fingers 10 Toes – If You Are Not Safe Who Knows?
A Casual Attitude Toward Safety = Casualty.
A Close Call Reported Today – Is the Accident That Does Not Happen Tomorrow.
A Good Attitude Makes Safety Work for You.
A Harness is Better Than a Hearse.
A Safer You is a Safer Me.
A Safety Attitude is One That Never Hurts to Take Home with You.
A Spill – A Slip – A Hospital Trip.
A Wound Neglected May Be a Wound Infected.
Accident Prevention – Your Number One Intention.
Accidents Big or Small – Avoid Them All.
Accidents Hurt – Safety Doesn’t.
Always Look After No1 and If You Need Help Just Ask.
Always Think Safety No Matter What the Task.
Anger is One Letter Away from Danger – Drive Gently.
Are You Part of the Safety TEAM (Together Employees Accomplish More).
Arms Work Best When Attached to the Body.
As Temperatures Rise – Stay Safety Wise.
At Work – At Home – Let Safety Be Known.
At Work at Play – Let Safety Lead the Way.
Be Sure Be Safe.
Be the Kind of Person Your Dog Thinks You Are.
Before You Do It – Take Time to Think Through It.
Before You Start – Be Safety Smart.
Being Accident Free is Doing Your Part.
Caution – I Brake For Stop Signs!
Caution – Read – Then Proceed.
Celebrate what went right.
Chance Takers Are Accident Makers.
Check for Safety Then Recheck.
Courtesy and Common Sense Promote Safety.
Dare to Be Aware.
Death Lurks in Confined Spaces.
Dig in Your Heels Against Accidents.
Do your best.
Do Your Work With Pride – Put Safety in Every Stride.
Don’t be a Fool – Use the Proper Tool!
Don’t Just Preach Safety – Profit From It.
Don’t Learn Safety by Accident.
Don’t Let the Light Go Out – Wear Eye Protection.
Every Accident – Every Time – If it’s Predictable – It’s Preventable.
Eyes Are Priceless – Eye Protection is Cheap.
Fail Safety and It Will Fail You.
Follow Traffic Rules – Save Your Future.
For a Good Time – Dial 911 – Operators are Standing By!
Generating Safety – Is a Mega-Watt Savings.
Get in High Speed Pursuit of Safety.
Get Smart! Use Safety From the Start.
Get the Safety Habit.
Get the Safety Itch.
Guard Against Man Eating MachinesFlesh and Bone Are No Match for a Grinding Stone.
Hard Hats – They’re Not Just for Decoration.
Have Another Day.
Health & Safety – Words to Live by.
Hear Today – Gone Tomorrow – Use Your Hearing Protection!
Hearing Protection is a Sound Investment.
If In Doubt Check it Out – Safety First.
If You Are Aware of It, Take Care of It.
If You Don’t Have Time to Do It Safe – Do You Have Time to Do It With a Man Down?
If You Mess Up – ‘Fess Up.
If You Smell Something Bad – Get Out of the Lab.
If You Think Safety is Expensive – Try Ignorance.
It Hurts to Be Unsafe.
Just Because You Always Did It That Way – Doesn’t Make It Right.
Keep Your Kids Safe -They’ll Choose Your Nursing Home.
KISS – Keep it Safe and Sound.
Knock Out Accident.
Lift Smart – Think – Then Start.
Lift With Your Legs – Not Your Back.
Lifting’s a Breeze When You Bend at the Knees.
Make Safety a Reality and Don’t Be a Fatality.
Make Safety First – And Make it Last.
Never Forget About Safety.
Never Give Safety a Day Off.
No Safety, Know Pain.
Our Aim – No Accidents.
Our Job is Anchored in Safety.
Our Mission is an Accident Free Condition.
Pencils Have Erasers – Mishaps Don’t!
Play it Safe in the Water – Swim in Areas with Life Guards.
Positive Attitudes Have Positive Influence on Safety.
Practice Fire Safety – Watch What You Heat.
Quench the Thirst – Safety First.
Remember – Safety is Not a Job; It is a Way of Life.
Replacing a Saw Guard is Easier Than Replacing a Finger.
Respect the unexpected. Think through your risks.
Risk – Is It Worth It?
Risk Makes Sense.
Safe Today- Alive Tomorrow.
Safety Begins with Teamwork.
Safety by Choice – Not by Chance!
Safety glasses: All in favour say “Eye!”
Safety Is a Choice You Make.
Safety is No Accident.
Safety is our No1 Priority.
Safety rules are your best tools.
Stay Alert – Don’t Get Hurt.
Stop! Safety Pays.
Success is No Accident.
Take 5 and Stay Alive.
The Key To Safety Is in Your Hands.
There’s No Face Like Your Own – Wear Face Protection.
Think Safety 1st.
Think Safety and Act Safely.
Think Safety Avoid Unsafe Acts.
Think Safety Before You Start.
Unprepared = Unsafe.
Unsafe Acts Will Keep You in StitchesThink Positive an Accident is Only an Attitude Away.
Use Your Head Figuratively – Wear a Helmet!
Use Your Wits – Use Padded Mitts!
Using Safety Gloves is All in Your Hands.
Volunteers Do It For Free!
Watch What You Heat.
Watch Your Step – It Could be Your Last.
We Need You – Work Safely.
What do you think could go wrong and what can you do about it?
When It’s Hot – Drink Plenty of Fluids.
Work Safely or Hurt Greatly.
Working Safely Keeps Everyone Working.
Your Accidents Affect Others Too.
Your Future Brightens with Safety.
Your Good Health is Your Greatest Wealth.
Zero Compromise Towards Safety.
Zero Is Not On Safety.
Zero Tolerance on Safety.

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