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12 Wedding Brunch Invitation Wording Ideas

The after wedding brunch allows the bridal party, close friends, and relatives to get together one last time before the newlywed couple goes on to their honeymoon and start their new life together. During this time, gifts can be opened, last minute items taken care of, and more. When planning the wedding brunch, be sure to send off separate invitations for those guests invited. The below samples of wording ideas are intended to help you throughout the process of designing your invitation.

Join us for a brunch honoring the newly married couple.

Join us for a brunch to let them know, we wish them well before they go.

Lets gather once more to celebrate the times we’ve shared, the friends we’ve made. Join us for a Post Wedding Brunch.

On Sunday morning, don’t pack and run. Stay around a bit longer for a little more fun. Have some food and drink to start your day to toast the bride and groom before they are on their way.

The bride and groom have said their vows. There is only one more thing left for us to now.

The Morning After Wedding Brunch. Please join us for a gathering at the home of [name].

The wedding is over but your presence was missed. Please come to brunch Sunday to chat and reminisce. [name] wish to invite you to brunch at [venue name and location].

They’ve said I do, Mr and Mrs. [last name] are married. Join us for a post wedding brunch [date] at [time]. [location].

We’ve got a little more time with the bride and groom, before they are off on their honeymoon.

When the weekend is over, and the Bride and Groom have kissed, please stop by for Brunch on Sunday to talk and reminisce.

You are invited to a celebration brunch in honor of [names]. A final send of before they go on their honeymoon.

You are invited to a celebration dinner in honor of [name] before they set off on their honeymoon.

The following infographic outlines some interesting facts about weddings unbeknownst to some. The longest planned honeymoon to take place is 4 years long. Many couples have traditionally worn their rings on the left hand because it is believed that it runs directly to the heart. This and more less known facts are found below.

Interesting Wedding Facts

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