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12 Ways Social Media is Changing the World


How Social Media Is Helping To Shape The World We Live In

They call it social media for a good reason. The original concept was to put people in touch with each other in a way that had never been done before. The first social media sites proved to be very popular after some initial reluctance. These first sites helped set the standard and also helped usher in an age where social media would help change the world we live in.

The Rise in Social Media

As they grew in popularity, it soon became clear that social media websites had other purposes besides allowing us to share our cute pictures with friends and family. Artists and musicians soon saw the potential, and began creating social media sites of their own in an attempt to connect with fans on a whole new level. Popular media also saw this same potential, and use social media sites to reach a reader base that can number in the millions.

How Users Interact with Social Media

Social media has also helped us make significant changes in the way we get our news. Over half the population now gets their news from some sort of social media site. Social media sites also allow for the sharing of ideas in education, which has proven to be very beneficial to those involved. Being able to share ideas and concepts with a large group in a short time has helped both students and teachers alike.

Benefits of Social Media

Social media websites have also helped improve other fields like law enforcement because it is still relatively easy to share information quickly. Many law enforcement agencies also now use social media websites to help them monitor criminal activity, because sometimes people like to brag when they do dumb things.

One of the biggest contributions that social media websites have made to our world at large is in the area of world politics. Millions of social media users will never forget the tragic news that came from the country of Egypt a few years ago. This was done almost primarily through the use of social media, because most other forms of communication were being controlled and repressed by the government of the time. Social media sites helped make the rest of the world aware of what was going on, and these same sites are credited with helping to usher in significant changes in the region.

We could go on all night listing the ways that social media websites are becoming more than just a place to put pretty pictures. They have become a significant form of communication in this world of ours. They have been used to share ideas, and to share news. Social media websites have rallied people in times of crisis, they have helped save lives. That is the most important contribution that social media has made to humanity.

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