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12 Unique Content Marketing Ideas


Here are some key points to remember from the above infographic…

1) Make Your Case Visually.
You may have the best product at a better price and higher quality then the competition. However, without having the right way to show this information, you will not go far. You can spice up your marketing through unique visual works of art that combine a generally pleasing image with relevant information. Unique chart types and infographics do this perfectly. Now people will want to read your chart because they want to see what all of this is about.

By making your information appealing before someone can even read it, you set in place a one-two punch that can draw people near. As a final though, comic strips are another fun way to quickly and effectively show your idea while providing a unique experience to your users.

2) Consider The Implications Of Social Media.
Content and information in a vacuum is pointless. Social media platforms as well as having a highly visible presence means that all content you release will be seen and shared. Think about crafting information like a story, written in a narrative format that brings the user through an experience.

Linking to many social media platforms, create a larger picture of what you and your marketing campaign is all about, fully utilizing the free services provided by these social media platforms. As the majority of purchases are coming from word-of-mouth online, social media considerations means more positive marketing ideas.

3) You Need To Make Data Gathering a Group Activity.
Are you interested in what your ideal customer is like, what is selling, who is buying, and what you can do to increase sales? There are a range of ways that you can do this. The most exciting however is a new trend of engaging the customers directly in your intent. Instead of trying to poll customers and keep the data for yourself, make everyone aware of what you are doing and why.

Explain what you think and create a conversation in the community surrounding your brand about what they need and want. Compare your results to past case studies, release your own case study, and engage your community every step of the way.

4) If All Else Fails Write a Guide.
If people are looking for information, a glossary or a guide are the perfect way for people to stumble on your website. Considered free information for the public’s good, this gesture on your part will help to build a level of trust that will come back to you in terms of future sales.

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