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12 Undifferentiated Marketing Strategies

One of the clearest advantages of an undifferentiated marketing strategy is that it treats all segments of a population in the same way. This allows a business to appeal to as many people in as many demographics as possible, but it also provides a disadvantage in that the information within the marketing effort is usually quite generic. To provide value, you must provide specificity. Keep that in mind as you take a look at these strategies.

It all begins with the problems that you can solve for people. If you can prove that your goods or services can solve a wide variety of problems instead of a niche specific problem, you’ll have a greater chance of success. If you took humanity as a whole with every culture, race, religion, and gender in mind, what do you have that could appeal to all of those groups? Figure that out and you’ll be ready for these ideas.

Undifferentiated Marketing Strategy that Grows Your Business

1. Humor Stands Out
You must be memorable in order to stand out from the rest of the undifferentiated products that are within your industry. One of the most effective uses of this is humor. Think about some of the best national brand advertisements that come to mind right now. Old Spice, Geico, and even Aflac all use humor in their own way to make their products stand out from competitive brands.

2. Go To the People
Direct mail is an effective method of undifferentiated marketing because you can simply print out one postcard or flyer and send it our to multiple neighborhoods at the same time. This is especially a benefit to the small business owner because it keeps per-item production costs down. It’s also one of the easiest marketing strategies that can be changed to a differentiated strategy when the time is right.

3. Include the Price
One of the most effective methods of marketing in this style is to include the price of your services. This allows all of the demographics to see how much value you really have when compared to your competition and they can then make the decision on their own. Just make sure that you’ve done your research first to make sure you’re giving people the best deal in some way.

4. Provide Direction
The biggest drawback to using an undifferentiated approach is that it as an inherent lack of direction associated with the strategy. Because advertising is going to no real segment of demographic in particular, you’ve got just as much of a chance of throwing your money into a bottomless pit as you do in striking gold. Provide people with some level of direction about why they need your items or what problems you can solve and you’ll be able to drive people toward you.

5. Blog, Blog Away
Synchronizing blog content to reach a mass audience is easy to do when there aren’t market segments or demographics to worry about. You simply need fresh, original content that can be published anywhere. Although you run the risk of having your content falling on deaf eyes, you may also broaden your appeal and your brand awareness at the same time.

6. Get Creative
Think about all of the elements you’ll find in a viral video. You’ve got a little bit of humor. There’s some surprise involved. There’s a level of cuteness involved. At the very core, however, every viral video goes viral because it relates to people in a very specific way. In the undifferentiated approach, you’ve got to relate to the human condition. What makes us commonly equal and fabulous as humans? Get creative in this area and you’ll be able to see more success with your marketing ideas.

7. Get Out In Public
Even if you’re not targeting a specific demographic, you’ve still got to engage people and begin building relationships. National brands automatically have a relationship with people and their advertising simply reinforces this relationship. As a small business, you’ve got to provide value you with your engagement. Get out in public, strut your stuff, and you’ll get the extra exposure that can increased your brand recognition.

8. Be Consistent
You’ve got to have a consistent value with your product and your marketing strategy for it to be effective. People like surprises with an advertisement, but they don’t like to be surprised in a negative way when there’s an expectation of value in a product. Negative surprises almost always lead to negative reviews. Avoid that with consistency.

9. Just Be Straightforward
You don’t have to be fancy in order to be effective. Being straightforward in your approach and just letting others decide when and where they could use your products is often the best way to go. You can’t change minds. You can only give minds information that can help them make their own decisions.

10. Follow the Three P’s
In order to get customers, you’re going to need to develop prospects. In an undifferentiated marketing campaign, you’ve got three places where you can make this happen every day. Bring your campaign to where you pay for things, where you play to relax, and where you pray to repair your spirituality to maximize the effects of your marketing.

11. Plan For the Long Term
People are loyal to relationships that they build, but they’re even more loyal to the promises that they make to themselves. If you can plan for long-term business ventures with someone, then you’ll create a long-term relationship that has a high percentage of paying off for you. No one really likes to break their word because it reflects negatively on them. Don’t believe people who say they don’t care – they do.

12. Follow the Golden Rule
Every interaction with your business must be a positive one in an undifferentiated marketing strategy because you never know where your next referral will arrive. What goes around will always come around and it’s better to have good stuff headed toward you instead of bad stuff.

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