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12 Tips for Overcoming Fear of Public Speaking


Public speaking is not a daunting challenge but there are innumerable people who fret at the very idea of having to speak publicly to a large audience. Fear of public speaking is often an adverse effect of speech anxiety, also known as glossophobia. Anyone who is not a good speaker, doesn’t have oratorical skills or is afraid to speak in front of many people, especially strangers, would be afraid of public speaking and thus would experience jitters.

Combating Public Speaking Fear

Public speaking can become simple and possible for someone who fears it provided the right approaches are taken. There are many ways to do away with the fear so one can not only indulge in public speaking but can also get better at it. From combating stage fear to being able to articulate your speech properly, there are various facets that need to be addressed to overcome public speaking jitters.

In 12 Tips To Overcome Public Speaking Jitters, you would be introduced to a dozen very simple tips which will allow you to shed your fear, overcome all the challenges and not only would you be able to deliver a great speech but shall also be able to get better at public speaking with time.

As you explore the dozen tips, you will notice that there is nothing much that you have to do but putting in a concerted effort that is methodical, pragmatic and effective. Public speaking doesn’t become a challenge when you know what you have to speak, the subject you have to speak on, the audience you are addressing, the scope of your speech and when you indulge in the right amount of preparation.

Stage fear, not enough knowledge in a specific domain, wrong physical posture, lack of practice and uncertainty as to what kind of audience one would be addressing are some of the very common problems that cause public speaking jitters. When you take a methodical approach, counter your stage fear or anxiety with right posture, proper breathing, and knowledge in the domain you have to speak about and have practiced the speech well enough, you can easily get rid of your public speaking jitters and transform yourself into an orator.

None of the great orators in the past have been amazing public speakers right from their childhood. It takes practice, knowledge, confidence and experience to become a mesmerizing public speaker. If you can endorse and exercise the dozen tips shared in this info-graphic then you too can become an indelibly impressive public speaker.

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