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12 Steps to Curing Workaholism


Could Being a Workaholic Actually Kill You?

Do you feel bored when you’re at home unless you are working on something? Do you take work home with you as much as you possibly can? If you don’t work at least 60 hours in a week, do you feel like you’ve been unproductive? If the answer to any of these questions is “yes,” then there’s a good chance that you could be classified as a workaholic. You’re not alone in this if you are – 10 million Americans worked an average of more than 60 hours per week last year! Though it seems like these long hours create more productivity, the trade-off is that there is a greater risk of long term dangers to a workaholic’s physical health.

It May Be Time To Make Changes… Starting Today

There are many physical symptoms that workaholics face because of the workloads that they choose to accept. Do you suffer from:

• migraines
• a persistent lack of energy
• anxiety
• depression
• insomnia
• high blood pressure

These symptoms can all be related to the work that the workaholic choose to take upon themselves to complete. Work becomes a driving force that defines the workaholic and it becomes a compulsion to always have to do more. If you can relate to this, then today is the day to start making changes. If you don’t, your health really could be on the line!

How Can You Stop Being a Workaholic?

One of the primary ways to stop being a workaholic is to begin delegating some of your workload. Workaholics believe they have to do everything themselves because no one else can complete a task to the same high quality as they can! With less work to do, there’s less stress, and more time to enjoy other things that come with life:

• Relationships. Without as much work, there is more free time. This is the perfect time to spend with the people you love.
• Vacations. With less work, you can go new places, experience new things, and actually get a chance to relax more.
• Energy. When you’re spending less energy on work responsibilities, you have more energy to do things with your family and friends.

It’s Really Ok Not To Be Perfect 100% of the Time

What ultimately drives many workaholics is a quest to be perfect. Considering the fact that humanity is by its nature fallible, this means a lot of work goes into creating something that will likely always have a small error here or there in it. Instead of focusing on perfection and wasting a lot of energy, a new perspective of looking at a project from a creative standpoint can improve quality without compromising energy.

Sometimes extra hours have to be worked to get a job done. That doesn’t make you a workaholic. It’s when you always find that you must work extra hours that these health dangers can come into play. With a little effort, however, you can work on changing your perspective and be in control of your work schedule instead of allowing your work to control you. Take these steps today to begin the healing process!

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