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13 Interior Design Industry Statistics and Trends

Interior designers have the important job of keeping living spaces clutter-free, beautiful, yet still fully functional. In the United States, there are just over 50,000 interior designers who are working right now and their average salary is just above $44,000. What advantage does the interior design industry have?

The Job of an Interior Designer

Interior design professionals must design interiors that meet local building codes and ordinances.

It’s true that the average person can paint a wall or even build a chair with a few tools and a couple of YouTube lessons. What the average person doesn’t know, however, are the ins and outs of the local building ordinances. Large fines can be levied on homeowners who violate these codes, which is where the interior design industry holds a major advantage.

Designer Qualities

1. Good interior designers create what you envision and will help save you time and money in finishing your vision.
2. The interior design industry focuses on energy efficient designs, which can help save homeowners thousands in utility costs in just a few years.
3. Interior designers know where to find the best pieces at the best prices, giving the average person connections they normally wouldn’t have on their own.

Takeaway: If you have a major project, it makes sense to hire an interior designer. Even if you do some of the work yourself, an interior designer can take some of the pressure and workload off of you to create a beautiful interior. Asking about how fees are charged beforehand, such as by square footage or by flat rates is important before finalizing any contract.

Important Interior Design Industry Statistics

1. Interior design jobs are expected to increase by about 13% within the next decade.

2. Specialized interior design industries are expected to rise at a higher rate of about 20% over the next decade.

3. The interior design industry generates $10 billion in revenues annually.

4. Less than 5% of all interior designers allow customers to purchase products directly through them if they see something they like.

5. Interior designers can help to create specific environments within a home, creating tranquil bedrooms and fun family rooms based simply off of color.

6. California has the most registered interior designers, followed by Florida and New York respectively. Alaska has the least amount of interior designers, with only 10 total listed. North Dakota is a close second with just 14.

7. The lowest 10% of interior designers earn just $25,000 per year, while the top 10% earners averaged over $86,000 per year.

8. Typical career entry level education requires a Bachelor’s Degree.

Takeaway: Interior designing might seem like an easy job, but it involves a lot of social networking in order to really make an impact with each design. It can be a fun career and the industry has stability, but not everyone can successfully be an interior designer.

Top Interior Design Trends

The source of the this infographic is lineshapespace.com.

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