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12 Gotomeeting Advantages and Disadvantages

Developed by Cintrix, GoToMeeting is a web-conferencing software as a service option which allows you to host business meetings online. If you have people, contractors, or clients outside of your time zone, GoToMeeting makes it easier to communicate needs around the world in an instant.

If you’re looking at different online meeting and web conferencing SaaS options, here ar the GoToMeeting advantages and disadvantages to take under consideration.

List of the Advantages of GoToMeeting

1. It allows users to have full control over the equipment of a participant.

If you have someone in a meeting who is struggling to keep up with the presentation or information, you have the ability with GoToMeeting to take over their machine. You can show them the exact information they have questions about, which makes the transfer of information much easier to complete.

2. You can share documents in real-time.

Sharing is very easy with GoToMeeting. If you have documents which you need to share with your team, you can make that happen instantly with this software. At the same time, you have most of the features that you’ll find with a product like Skype, including the option for add-ons that customize your service. That includes having face-to-face video contact during the meeting if you wish.

3. All you need is a data connection to have a meeting.

Users of GoToMeeting can host a meeting anywhere. The only requirement is that there is an internet or data connection of sufficient quality. In return, you’ll be able to have everyone with data access be able to join the meeting wherever they happen to be as well. That makes it easy for anyone to join because the only thing that is required is a simple link and access to the GoToMeeting meeting software.

4. It permits large meetings.

With GoToMeeting, you can host very large meetings if you want. Options for up to 250 attendees are possible with this SaaS option. That makes it possible to turn your meeting into a webinar, an all-company event, or a large-scale meeting with your customers. Because of this flexibility, your meeting options are almost unlimited.

5. You don’t need to attend to experience the meeting.

GoToMeeting allows users to record their meetings as it happens. Then you can share the meeting with others, allowing the information to make an impact now and later on. This is a good option for people who may not be able to attend the meeting in real-time as well, especially if they need to be kept in the loop.

6. There are numerous integrations available.

GoToMeeting has worked hard over the years to offer numerous integrations that are useful to meeting participants. You can integrate Zapier, Google Calendar, and even Chrome into the software to maximize your productivity. At the same time, you gain the benefit of holding a meeting with someone, even if they are in a remote location. Churches are even using this software to offer classes and services to people who are homebound. That is how versatile this software happens to be.

List of the Disadvantages of GoToMeeting

1. It requires a stable internet connection.

If your ISP likes to ping your modem frequently, then you may find GoToMeeting won’t work for you as well as you might think. It requires an error-free data connection for the platform to work as intended. When gaps in service are present, even if they are momentary, there is no way for the platform to recover. That forces you to restart your meeting, which can be a real pain in the neck if you have a large number of attendees.

2. The quality of the equipment matters.

GoToMeeting also requires users and attendees to have current IT equipment or mobile devices to be part of the meeting process. If you’re using an older machine or device, there’s a good chance that it won’t work as intended – assuming it works at all. As a general rule of thumb, if your equipment is more than 5 years old, then you’ll need an upgrade before you can take advantage of the benefits offered by GoToMeeting.

3. It can be difficult to get the call-in process right.

For the most part, joining a meeting with GoToMeeting is a painless process. If you have the app already, then just click on a shared link and you’re good to go. There are times when the connection doesn’t happen, however, and the reasons may be unknown. A simple glitch in the routing process to connect to the meeting can be enough to disrupt the entire process.

4. There is a cost to access the premium features you may require.

GoToMeeting does not offer an “always free” plan. The entry level plan, called “Starter,” is priced at $19 per month, which includes a 20% discount from purchasing an annual subscription. With the Starter plan, you’re permitted just 10 participants within your meeting. To take advantages of drawing tools, unlimited recording, and mobile apps, you’re forced to use the Pro plan, which is $29 per month and 150 participants.

If you choose monthly billing, the Starter plan is $24 per month and the Pro plan is $36 per month.

5. The chat option is somewhat limited.

Unlike other meeting SaaS options, GoToMeeting limits the chat function to chatting within the meeting. You’re not permitted to create chat rooms within your company to help your teams collaborate before coming into the meeting. Think of GoToMeeting as more of a meeting tool than a real-time collaboration tool, even though you do have the option to share documents with others in real-time.

6. It can take up a lot of bandwidth.

GoToMeeting requires a minimum bandwidth of 1 Mbps if you plan to utilize all the features which are available through SaaS platform. Although that requirement is minimal for those with broadband connections, people or businesses who may be connected to a remote DSL or mobile hotspot may not have enough bandwidth available to use the service. Using screen sharing or computer audio via VoIP requires 0.04 Mbps per service, which is useful for very remote participants, though it limits the amount of information that can be shared.

These GoToMeeting advantages and disadvantages offer a solid option for businesses or individuals who are looking for remote meeting support. You’re given access to video, audio, and screen sharing options. It is easy to use and integrate into your current business practices. Although there are some limitations for certain users, for the most part, it is a simple, straight-forward service that will make your meetings become more productive.

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