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12 Fantastic Ideas for Gift Baskets for Fundraisers

Gift baskets are a great way to raise money. They can be auctioned off, or they can be raffled off. With the right selection of baskets, you can attract a lot of interest and raise quite a bit of money. The key is finding a basket theme that will appeal to your audience. If you’re raising money for a school, parent and kid-friendly gift baskets are always a great choice.

The Bookworm Raffle Basket

This is a great basket idea for book lovers. Include everything the winner will need to enjoy a cozy afternoon of reading. Two coffee mugs, a bestselling book, a few candles and a cozy blanket are just a few items you can include. Don’t forget to also add a gift certificate to a local book store so the winner can also purchase a title of their choosing.

Italian Food Gift Basket

This is a gift basket that foodies will love and will make an excellent addition to any auction or raffle. Include a pound of pasta (DeCecco and Barilla are great choices), a jar of marinara sauce, salami, olive oil and parmesan cheese. Instead of a basket, place the items inside of a colander. If you can, add a bottle of wine to the basket. This will help draw up the price if you are selling the basket at auction.

Coffee Lover’s Gift Basket

Who doesn’t love a steaming cup of coffee? Coffee lover baskets are always a crowd pleaser at any auction. Inside the basket, you can include a bag of coffee, some iced coffees (like Starbucks’ Frappuccino drinks), a pair of coffee mugs and some snacks. Cappuccino flavored cookies and biscotti are both excellent choices. Chocolates are a welcomed addition too.

Pet Lover’s Gift Basket

Pet baskets are a great choice for raffles and auctions. These should be themed for just one particular type of pet. Dogs and cats are the most popular. Include treats, toys, food and water bowls, leashes, collars and any other small pet items you can find.

Fondue Gift Basket

Fondue is always a crowd favorite. Fill your basket with a nice fondue pot and all of the essentials needed. Popcorn, biscotti, truffle and a host of other snacks can be included. Don’t forget the caramel squares and chocolate fondue!

Campfire Gift Basket

This is a fun twist on the traditional gift basket. Instead of placing the items inside of a basket, place them inside of a fire pit. Inside you can include Hershey’s chocolate bars, graham crackers, marshmallows, a pair of mugs for hot cocoa and some powdered hot cocoa. This is a great idea for a fundraising event held in the summer or early fall.

BBQ Gift Basket

If your fundraising event is in the spring or fall, a BBQ basket is a great choice. Barbeque sauce, marinades, spicy mustards and spices are all great additions to this type of basket. If you want to get creative, you can place the items inside of a small charcoal grill. These are usually inexpensive and can easily draw up the price of the basket.

Tea Lover’s Basket

Tea lover baskets are just as popular as coffee lover baskets. Inside, you can fill the basket with a small teapot, a selection of teas, tea cakes, a small jar of jam, biscotti, and some crackers. Try to choose a color theme to really make the basket pop. Yellow is a good choice.

Spa Basket

Spa-related gift baskets are always a crowd favorite. Candles, soaps, bath salts, lotions, shampoos and conditioners are all great items to add to a spa gift basket. Choose calming scents like lavender and vanilla. A plush robe, blanket and/or slippers can also be added.

Sweet Treats Basket

A sweet treats basket will go over well with a young crowd. They are an excellent choice for school fundraisers. The great thing about this gift basket idea is that you have so many options. You can choose to fill the basket with chocolate treats only, or you can choose a certain type of candy. Regardless of what you choose, the basket will be a crowd favorite.

Baker’s Basket

If your audience loves baking, a baker’s gift basket is a great choice. Instead of a basket, fill a large mixing bowl with various items. Include some measuring spoons and cups, a few recipes, some sugar, a spatula and a few snacks.

Beauty Basket

A beauty basket is a great fundraising basket idea for an event geared towards women. Fill the basket with essential beauty items like hair care products, make up, styling tools and a gift certificate to a local salon. Don’t forget to include a small brush and a bottle of perfume. Because some of these items can be a little pricey, you may want to consider creating a smaller basket with just a few great items. A larger basket may sell for more at an auction, however.

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