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12 Essential Rules of Facebook Etiquette


With well over one billion people actively using Facebook around the world on a daily basis, maintaining proper etiquette is essential – especially if you want to maintain a solid reputation within this social media platform. This can’t be done in a number of different ways.

Understand You Can’t Control Everything

You will never be able to control everything that is posted about you on the Internet, especially within Facebook. Your target objective should be to simply do your best and make peace with it. If a horrible picture of you slips through the cracks on someone else’s profile, remove your tag and ask them to delete the picture. However, keep in mind that you can control what you post on your own profile so avoid posting status messages, blog posts and pictures that could easily embarrass you later.

Address Your Problems like a Responsible Adult

There are way too many people that use Facebook and other social media platforms to ventilate their frustrations through discreet and vague messages and posts. If you have a problem with someone or something, handle those issues like a responsible adult by addressing the situation offline. You don’t want your Facebook profile to be viewed by others as yet another negative website filled with conflicts and complaints.

Keep Your Relationship Private

Another consistent trend that seems to always backfire in one way or another is the obvious need to publicize private information about your private relationships to the public. There truly is no need for that, especially when it comes to the arguments, conflicts and problems that you might be having at the time with your significant other.

Do not use Facebook as a way to effectively communicate with your significant other, especially if you feel the need to break up with them and/or see other people. Until your relationship has actually advanced to an exclusive state in real life, over 78 percent of women surveyed feel as if you should avoid becoming “official” through posting relationship news on this website.

Don’t Be Afraid to Interact with Other

Keep in mind that Facebook is a social media platform – which is going to require you to actually be social and interact with others at some point or another. Therefore, when someone goes out of their way to post a comment on your page or send you a message, the honorable and respectful thing to do would be to tactfully respond to them in a timely manner as long as their original message was of a positive nature.

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