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12 Bad Spending Habits that Wreck Bank Accounts


We all get into bad habits when handling our money. If we allow those habits to stay in control, it can create future financial difficulties. That’s why it is important to implement these ideas if you feel like you need to manage your money better.

1) Limit Credit Card Use.
Only use credit cards for emergency purchases. You can take advantage of cash-back offers if you know for certain that you can pay off the balance each month. If you like to pay with credit cards, try budgeting a specific amount of cash to spend each week instead.

2) Prioritize Your Bills.
Even if you can’t pay all your bills on time, you can pay the ones which are most critical each month. Prioritize which obligations need to be repaid, then give yourself time to pay them. That will prevent forgotten payments.

3) Question Yourself.
Impulse purchases can destroy a budget quickly. Before checking out, ask yourself if you actually need what you’re thinking about purchasing. Put things away if the answer is no. If the answer is yes, give yourself a day or two to think about it before proceeding.

4) Budget Everything.
If you don’t know how much money is coming in or going out each month, then it is difficult to track personal spending habits. Make sure you keep a full record of income and expenses, so you can have a better idea of your personal finances.

5) Wasted Money.
It is easy to spend money on items you don’t ever use. Are there clothes in your closet you never wear? Video games you own, but never play? Only purchase items that you know you will use or need to prevent wasting your money on something that just sits.

6) Pay It Down.
If you have debt, then work to pay it off. Find ways to cut spending to clear out your debt whenever you can. Focus on one debt at a time, paying minimums on the others, and then keep paying things off as you can.

7) Pay Attention.
Ignoring money issues will not make them go away. You need to be honest with yourself. Ask for help if you feel like your budget is getting out of control.

Managing money better will help you meet your needs, let your splurge a little, and will help you to start saving. That’s why it is important to focus on these key points today.

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