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12 B2C Marketing Strategies

Your ability as a business to relate to a consumer is at the very core of the B2C process. Your must be able to sell directly to your consumers in order to taste profitability. In order to get consumers interested in your business, you’ve got to put yourself out there so that people can know what you’ve got to offer and see what kind of value it has. That’s where your marketing efforts come into play. With the right set of ideas, you’ll be able to break into new markets and demographics.

It all begins with what sets you apart from other businesses and competitive products. What makes your goods or services better than anything else? Why should people want to do business with your company instead of a competitor that is offering them the exact same thing? Your differences are your strengths, but they can also be your weaknesses. Show your strength, admit your weaknesses, and you’ll maximize your selling power while limiting your competition at the same time.

Fantastic Marketing Strategies for B2C Business

1. Offer the Fine Details
You cannot have enough information available about your goods or services to your targeted customer base. People want to be able to research how good your stuff actually is. They want specific details that they can use to compare your product to those provided by your competitors. This might mean providing ratings, pictures, reviews, and even comparative ratings. Think about what you’ll find on an Amazon listing and you’ll know what you’ve got to do here.

2. Work On Your Price
The core of any B2C marketing effort is to give your customer all of the information they need to make a decision on their own. You never have to do the hard sell because the quality of what you’re offering sells on your behalf. Avoid the temptation of eliminating a published price for your products because people need to budget.

3. Be Transparent
Hidden surprises will always cause the death of a B2C campaign. The more transparent that you can be from start to finish, the better off you’re going to be. It again boils down to information, value, and how you are set apart from your competition. If you can show niche expertise up and down your production chain, then you’ll be able to shut out your competition completely.

4. Provide a Good UX
The user experience that your provide your customers will make or break your sales. Any obstacle that gets thrown up in the way will cause people to avoid you and bounce to your competition. Even if your product is better and cheaper, the quality of the experience that is received throughout the sales funnel is more important to the process. People would rather pay more for a good service.

5. Offer Samples
People love to get free stuff. If you can’t offer samples, then find a way to get your customers to try out your stuff in some way so they can interact with it. This brings about a level of brand loyalty that is needed for when those tough times hit your business… and tough times will always hit a business. The loyalty that you build now with this B2C marketing tactic will help get you through it.

6. Create a Buzz
People get excited about new opportunities and products/services that solve a troublesome problem. This kind of buzz is the best word-of-mouth advertising there is because excitement is contagious! Look to see what kind of problems you can solve with what you’ve got, demonstrate how it can solve those problems, and you’ll create a level of local organic marketing that will pay dividends for the long haul.

7. Engage
There’s a good chance that you’re on at least 4 social media platforms right now. Being present is just the first step in a long journey that social media marketing can provide. You’ve also got to engage with people as they interact with you so they know you’re around and that you care. It also shows that you’re willing to listen and problem-solve, something that a lot of folks on social media aren’t willing to do these days.

8. Be Authentic
Having an automated response will kill off a campaign fast. Respond with a human touch in every possible circumstance. Although having a personalized email for a subscription opt-in might be impossible, you could send out a two sentence personalized thank you that will help you connect on a human-to-human level.

9. Get Mobile Fast
The fastest growing relationships in the world today aren’t between people, but between a person and their technology. There is real value in this personal relationship because smartphones, tablets, and even laptops/PCs to an extent have become an extension of a person’s real existence. As technology becomes wearable and even more interactive, like with Google Glass, this will only continue to increase. If you can’t interact with people on a mobile basis, you’re going to be shut out in the long run.

10. Looks Indicate Health
Ricardo Montalban once said that it was more important to look good because when you look good, you’ll feel good. Your professional appearance will speak to the credibility that you have to offer. Think about it this way: if you need to purchase a computer for your job, are you going to buy it from the company that specializes in offering tech and service for a fair price… or from some guy on the street with a table and stacks of boxes behind him?

11. Get Out There
Engaging people doesn’t just happen online. You’ve also got to engage people interactively in person. This can be done through trade shows, farmer’s markets, conventions, conferences, seminars, and any other place where people come to gather for a specific event.

12. Start Your Metrics
Unless you are measuring your responses through metrics that can be reasonably tracked, then you could be wasting your time. Go where the people are, get feedback, and use analytics as much as possible. Set goals and then set methods that will help you achieve those goals. When you do so, you and your customers will have a compass that will lead you to a mutual level of success.

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