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12 Astonishing Andy McNab Quotes

Andy McNab is a known author and former Special Air Service sergeant. Operating under his pen name and pseudonym of Andy McNab, a half dozen non-fiction books have been published. Here is a look at some of the most notable Andy McNab quotes.

“Better to be tried by twelve than carried by six.”

“Better to live a day on your feet than a lifetime on your knees.”

“I also suspect that we will see the UK drop off the number 1 spot for the most items bought online by the average consumer. What does this mean for ecommerce? Essentially, 2 things: Those who have made the effort to translate and localise their websites are poised to see a greater increase in export sales and should look to build internationally. Those who remain monolingual are limited to English speaking markets, where competition is stiffer than Andy McNab’s clenched fist.”

“I look at [writing] as a medium of entertainment. You can get too precious about your stuff. It has to compete with everything else, like DVDs and CDs.”

“I write about what I know – the places I’ve worked, the situations I’ve found myself in.”

“It all comes down to taking control of your life, education enables you to read, reading gives you power, the power to make decisions that you want to make.”

“It is impossible for any single medium to fully capture the emotion and intensity of war. The Battlefield 3: The Russian novel is one window into the experience, and the game is another. They complement each other perfectly,”

“Just write it down. Its much easier to go back and change it once its already on the screen.”

“The rasp of the respirator’s filter were about as comforting as Darth Vader reading a bedtime story.”

“The scariest thing I face? My wife after I’ve forgotten to load the dishwasher.”

“They were prepared physically and mentally for war. They’d all had at least nine lives, and had the burns, the dents, the bullet holes and the knife wounds to prove it.”

“You know, my world may look like a pile of shit, but at least I sometimes get to sit on top of it.”

Andy McNab discusses what it takes to be a Special Forces Soldier. Keeping his identity concealed, McNab is a former SAS member that served in the British Army for 18 years. As a infamous survivor to the Bravo Two Zero mission, McNab has much knowledge and experience to share.

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