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12 Adobe Illustrator Advantages and Disadvantages

Adobe Illustrators is a vector-based creative program designed for those involved with graphic design. Instead of using bitmap images to store data, this program used algorithms to draw shapes. That is why the vector graphics created within Illustrator can be scaled to any size without losing their quality or overall resolution.

Because of this unique design, Adobe Illustrator is used to make everything from business logos to detailed illustrations to animated concepts. It can print layouts, create stunning website graphics, and give users complete control over their typography.

There are several additional features available to customize the graphics being created through the program as well.

First designed in 1986, here are some of the advantages and disadvantages to consider when using Adobe Illustrator.

List of the Advantages of Adobe Illustrator

1. It provides a helpful user interface.

With Adobe Illustrator, you have an extra level of flexibility when working to customize your overall workspace. Your interface allows for custom viewing. There is an option to enable space saving as well. These processes allow you to work on your project in whatever way is most comfortable, while maintaining complete control over all the available options.

2. It allows for in-panel editing.

You also save a bunch of time when working with Adobe Illustrator thanks to its option for in-panel editing. You also have the use of multiple artboards simultaneously. That allows you to work on multiple images in a similar fashion all at once, which makes you much more productive than the other programs which force you to work on one image at a time.

3. It is completely scalable.

You have zero resolution issues when working with Adobe Illustrator. Because the graphics are based on mathematics equations instead of stored pixels, you’re always given sharp, crisp lines that are print-ready in any dimension. You never lose resolution when you’re working with graphics through this program, which means you have much more versatility when designing multimedia for various purposes.

4. It creates files in manageable sizes.

You’re not stuck with enormous files that are difficult to transfer when creating something with Adobe Illustrator. Compared to similar platforms, Illustrator creates files that are relatively small. You can share them quite easily, mail them as an attachment, or use them without absorbing a majority of your computing resources. You don’t waste a bunch of time syncing your massive files to the cloud either to share them through a service like Dropbox either.

5. It works on almost any computer system.

Although Adobe Illustrator doesn’t work well on mobile devices, it does an exceptional job on almost any computer system. You can use it on Windows PCs or on Apple products. It will even work adequately on older computers, even from the early 2000s, if you are using an older top-of-the-line option. That means most people are going to be able to access the benefits of this platform if they have their system’s operating system up-to-date.

6. It creates print graphics and web graphics.

You can create print-ready graphics with ease thanks to Adobe Illustrator. You are also able to create web graphics with this platform. It works in any screen resolution, offering a tool set that is constantly updated, which allows you to create professional vector graphics with relative ease.

List of the Disadvantages of Adobe Illustrator

1. It offers a steep learning curve.

For those familiar with vector-based graphics, Adobe Illustrator will feel like an intuitive program that is ready to meet your needs. For everyone else, there must be a time window granted to train on the various features the platform offers. There are several video tutorials available from Adobe that can help you begin the learning process. For beginners, however, it may take up to 6 months to begin being comfortable with this program.

2. It requires patience.

If you’re planning to create something that is fun, inventive, and does not require an aspect of realism, then Adobe Illustrator can help you put something together in no time at all. If you want to create something that feels realistic to others, then you’ll need to give yourself plenty of time to work on the project. To create a drawing that feels realistic, you must have a keen eye for detail and be able to recognize elements of the image that Illustrator will not recognize as being out of place.

3. It has pricing limitations on the Teams edition.

If you just want to use Illustrator at home, then you can access this platform for just $19.99 per month, plus tax in some locations. If you’re using the Creative Cloud from a business perspective, then the minimum cost for Illustrator is $69.99 per month, plus tax in some locations. The individual subscriptions can be separated to allow for an a la carte experience for users who only need to use one program. That is not possible from a Teams perspective. You’re going to pay 3 times more for the service.

4. It offers limited support for raster graphics.

Adobe Illustrator is an exception product for those who are working with vector graphics. If you’re using bitmap images with the dot-matrix data structures of pixels, then you’ll find that this platform offers very little in the way of support. You are able to vectorize your raster images to make use of the toolbox offered by Illustrator, though that loses some of the information of the graphics and may create undesired results.

5. It requires a lot of space.

If you’re using a lower resolution display, then you’ll find that the updated user interface for Adobe Illustrator will take up a lot of space. At the same time, the image tracing it uses is still heavily reliant on a confusing set of settings, which makes it difficult for some users to get up and running right away. The image tracing gives you better results once you learn how to maximize it, but not every user will figure out how to make it work.

6. It feels a lot like Photoshop.

With the updated version of Illustrator, the interface feels very similar to Photoshop. Adobe has integrated the darker interface to accommodate 64-bit work, which is a definite advantage. The design, however, makes one feel like you’re using other Adobe products and the workflows are completely different.

These Adobe Illustrator pros and cons offer vector artists an excellent opportunity to create something wonderful for a price that is relatively fair. Although there are some business limitations to the pricing structure, and beginners may find Illustrator to be too expensive for their taste, the results produced by Adobe with this software platform are undeniable. If you want professional print-ready images, you must consider Adobe Illustrator as a top option.

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