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11 Writing Tips and Tricks that Enhance Creativity


You might not yet realize it, but creativity might come down to timing. This means that your ability to think and write creatively is actually linked to the time of day that you choose to work. There are actually specific periods of time when creativity is more easily achieved. Here are the key takeaways from this infographic to remember.

1) Morning Person
If you are typically a person that likes to rise early in the morning and get a head start to your day, you might actually be the most creative in eth evening. This might seem a bit strange since your body responds so well to being up early, but research shows that morning people have the ability to unlock mysteries and see things in a new way during the evening hours. This means that although you may wake early to get your day going, it might be a good idea to put off your brainstorming until the evening hours. You want to take advantage of your evening boost of creativity.

2) Night People
People that tend to get more done during the nighttime hours are actually much better at problem solving during the morning. It seems like the opposite should be true, but studies do not reflect this information. The reason that morning people and nighttime people tend to be most creative at opposite time periods is due to the fact that creativity is actually enhanced when you are more tired. This means that some of your best and most innovative ideas might actually come at a time when you are extremely exhausted. Just because you are tired doesn’t mean you shouldn’t let your creativity run free.

3) Tasks
It is also possible to see a connection between activities and the amount of creative ideas that you have. The times that you are most creative tend to be when you are distracted or when your dopamine levels are increased. This means that activities like showering, running, driving and dreaming can actually lead to some of your best ideas. When you are in need of a creative idea, it might be a good idea to give one of these activities a try.

4) Willpower
The thing that you need to be most focused on when it comes to creativity is willpower. Writing creative ideas only comes when you are dedicated to the task and this is often in eth early morning hours for most people. In the morning we tend to have higher amounts of willpower that ebbs and flows throughout the day.

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