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11 Ways to Decrease Bounce Rates


Bounce rate is a term that you might not have heard before, but it has a lot of importance that you should quickly become aware of. Bounce rate is a common Google Analytics term that involves the actual percent of single-page visitors to your site. The fact is that you want visitors to your site to click more than one page and eventually covert your call to action. However, the bounce rate of your site allows you to see the amount of visitors that are not reading or filling out any contact information. It is important to understand the aspects of bounce rate and how you can lower it to boost conversion rates on your website.

What Does it Suggest?

The bounce rate of your website suggests two main things. First, it signals that viewers of your site did not find exactly what they were looking for upon first glance. This Google analytic percentage also signifies that your website is not so easy to use. The higher your bounce rate is only suggests that these issues are even more prominent.

Track Against Your Goals

The only way to track how well your website is performing as a marketing tool is to actually track it against your bounce rate. You need to know how your site is performing against your expectations and then make changes, while still keeping an eye on your bounce rate.

How to Attract the Right Eyes

The most effective way to lower your bounce rate is to begin by attracting the right type of visitors. This will limit the amount of online users that visit your website by mistake. This is done most effectively by accurately picking keywords to correlate with the content. This makes your website more specified and will ensure that your bounce rate is a more accurate presentation of how online users view your site. You might even see your bounce rate increase significantly if you try creating more than one landing page with unique content for different keywords.

Enhance Usability

You also need to address the usability of your website to ensure that your bounce rate increases. This can be done through focusing on sensible organization and adding color contrast that allows your site to be sectioned effectively. You want content to be broken down and bulleted for easy use of information. Try creating large headlines to also make a big difference.

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