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11 Ways Shapes in Logos Influence Buying Behavior


Defining and creating the perfect logo for your own brand is one of the cornerstones of creating your unique brand identity. You might be surprised by how big difference can such small things mean like colors, fonts used, or shapes applied, as there is an underlying psychology for making that memorable general impression you are after, achieving that distinctiveness by balancing the mixture of creativity and style that help you emphasize your message. Therefore, before you’d start designing your dream logo, do a bit of a research to end up with a final product conveying the right message. In the followings, we will help you to get a bit more familiar with shapes and their effects on your logo design.

1) Basic shapes with symmetry.
Basic shapes like symmetrical and geometrical ones can help you convey a hidden message of organization and structure. Choosing such basic shapes can raise trust between your customers and leads and when used with the right combination of other features (like fonts, colors, and content applied), it can also convey the message of trustworthiness.

2) Abstract basic shapes.
In case you would like to choose a more direct approach, just like Apple did, and go for a literal interpretation, abstract logos can help you deliver your message in the most simple way. In case you have chosen the right ingredients for your next logo, abstract ones with basic shapes can be easily remembered, leaving an everlasting impression in your customers – which is key to successful brand creation.

3) Round shapes with positive messages.
Introducing shapes like circles, curves, or spirals for your new logo, can help you convey different emotional messages, based on their underlying psychology. Circled and round logos, for example, are easily associated with positive emotional messages, like unity, perfection, love, relationship or community. Curves can add a touch of playfulness to your own logo design, acting as a sign of rhythm, pleasure or for being in motion. Finally, spirals can add a twist of creativity to your design, while it is also in connection with such positive ideas like growth and evolution.

4) Straight edged logos for professionalism.
Straight edged logos, in general, convey the message of professionalism, strength, and efficiency. In case you add further shapes like rectangles (trust, piece, uniformity), triangles (masculine attributes, science, religion) or lines (vertical – strength, courage, horizontal – community, tranquility) to your logo, you can get a better quality final product, matching the identity of your own brand.

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