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11 Tips for Writing the Best Email Subject Lines


Here are the key takeaways from this exceptional infographic.

1) Spend Time and Analyze Your Subject Lines
If you do not get this right, then it is really not worth spending the time to create great copy for your email. The first couple of words should start to bring the viewer into reading the rest of the subject line. I try to keep all of my subject lines under 7 words. If it goes any longer, then you risk not getting your message across in the subject line. It is also important that your subject line is congruent with your call-to-action (CTA) within the body of your email. This will lead to a higher click through rate.

2) Keep Your Email Body Short and to The Point
The long newsletter with multiple CTAs does not work anymore. People have a short attention span, and it is important that you get right to the point. I use one sentence above and one sentence below my CTA. The CTA is a text link with the title of the landing page that I want my subscribers to click on. I use one visual element, which is a fun picture of myself and my family. This allows my subscribers to see the real side of me and how I value my family.

3) Optimize Your Emails for Mobile
More than 60% of all emails are opened from a mobile device. You will want to optimize your email for the lowest common denominator. This is another reason for keeping your email body simple and to the point. If you use images, then it is best to keep them under 250 pixels in width. This will keep your message looking the same across all browsers and mobile devices.

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