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11 Productivity Tactics that Work When You Are Tired


If you’re feeling tired, then it can be difficult to stay productive at work. Here are some ways to tap into your remaining energy reservoirs, so you can keep going during that last hour every day.

1) Make It Easy.
Leave your easiest tasks for the last part of the day. If you know that a task won’t require a lot of energy for you, then you’ll be able to dismantle the mental barriers which spring up if something seems like it would be difficult to do.

2) Take Breaks.
If you’re not taking breaks throughout the day, then you’ll be exhausted in the last hour. Plan on a 5-minute break every 50 minutes at the very least. Any time you can step away from the work you’re doing, you’ll give yourself a boost in productivity.

3) Disable Notifications.
When energy levels are low, you’ll be more susceptible to distractions. That means it would be a good idea to disable any email or social media notifications which could interrupt your work flow.

4) Elevate the Legs.
Some feelings of fatigue may be due to your overall lack of movement. Try to keep your legs elevated under your desk throughout the day. Stretch them out about once per hour. Some arm and neck stretches will help too.

5) Change the Environment.
Take an hour out of your day to work in a different environment, if possible. Going somewhere else to work can boost your creativity, leading to higher concentration levels.

6) Stay Hydrated.
Being dehydrated will cause fatigue levels to rise rapidly. If you’ve been downing cups of coffee all day, the caffeine may have purged a lot of the fluids out of your body. Try to drink at least 2 liters of water throughout the day to stay productive in that last hour.

7) Stand Up.
If you can work from a stand-up desk, then give it a try. Working while standing for 30 minutes each hour can reduce fatigue levels. It’s also known to reduce your stress levels over the course of a day.

By keeping your brain engaged, you can lessen feelings of fatigue. Keep your body active too. Then who knows what you’ll be able to accomplish with your added productivity.

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