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11 Keys to a Jaw Dropping Presentation


There are many ways to go wrong with your presentation. Lack of research, fumbling on stage, failing to engage your audience, not making your point lucid enough, perplexing your audience and using wrong mediums of communication, anecdotes and illustrations are some common issues. A killer presentation has some key ingredients. These would vary depending on many factors, right from the context you are presenting in to the exact content you need to develop. Considering the entire spectrum of subjects that you may be dealing with, here are three secrets to conceive a killer presentation.

1) Understand your audience.
You could be addressing a captive audience, in which case there will be some who would be interested in what you have to say and many may not have a say if they want to be there in the first place. You could be addressing an interested audience, where people have actually signed up to voluntarily participate and attend the event. It could be a keynote address, an interactive session or just an illustrative presentation. You should make note of the age of your audience, the number of people in attendance, the existing knowledge of the people about the subject or the topic you are about to discuss and the type of setting you would be in. A presentation can be too factual, more rhetoric, a little humorous or purely conversational. List these details and you would be influenced to create an appropriate presentation.

2) Research has no substitute.
You may be an expert in the topic or the niche you are to explore in your presentation. You would still need to research to find out any contrarian views or stats that may exist. You must know a bit about issues associated with your topic so there is a larger worldview presented in your speech. You should also be aware of current events or affairs that interest your audience so you can make comments relatable to them. This helps in engaging the audience.

3) Keep your presentation short, simplified, visual and intriguing.
Do not keep on talking with no reference or illustration. Do not go on with slides either. Use images, graphs and videos if possible but sparingly. Keep technicalities as simple as you can since not everyone in the audience would be as deft or erudite as you. Always come up with questions when you know the answers. Do not just give away the answers without intriguing the minds of the audience first.

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