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11 Keys to an Incredible About Me Page


Authenticity is demanded today. You can meet that demand with an effective “About Us” page on your site.

You don’t need to describe your entire life story for a great page. You can get the job done in 250 words or less. Here’s how.

1) Position Important Facts
Your most important facts should be above the fold. Make it visible without a need to scroll. Most visitors will spend a majority of their time on your site looking at content in this position.

2) Frame Your Benefits
Positive benefits receive a better reception than negative benefits. Even if you learned something from a mistake, frame the experience in a positive way. You’ll receive a better brand reception when you do.

3) Include a Video
70% of Millennials prefer to watch brand videos when they research a business for the first time. Most executives prefer video content over written content on an “About Us” page as well. Just remember: the quality of your video is a direct reflection of the quality of your brand.

4) Be Recognized
Including images of the C-Suite increases conversions by more than 40%. Even if you’re a sole proprietor, a good image of yourself as the company founder will be a beneficial addition to your website. Add a short bio that helps people get to know you for the best possible results.

5) Use Imagery
Website visitors spend more time looking at photographs and digital images than they do reading textual components. On the “About Us” page, a picture is literally worth 1,000 words. Poor-quality images, however, will damage the message being conveyed. Never use stock photos or images.

6) Be Authentic
Authenticity goes beyond who you are and what you do. It also includes “how.” Incorporate positive reviews and testimonials on your page to show new potential clients that you have a reputation for getting the job done. Don’t forget to add a call-to-action to trigger a response from the visitor as well.

7) Add Contact Info
A common missing element on an “About Us” page is real contact information. Be thorough. Include all contact options, including your mailing address. Add links to your social media pages too.

With the right structure, you can create an amazing “About Us” page in 250 words or less. Use these tips and you might just see a boost to your conversion rate.

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