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11 Incredible Marketing Lessons taken from Iconic Movies

Inspiration is everywhere. Artists such as writers, musicians, sculptors and painters draw their inspiration from reality, history, current affairs, the world they have seen, known and explored, from existing work, from nature and from the unlikeliest of sources on many occasions. Often, a modern architect finds inspiration in a thousand year old relic. A writer may come up with technology that doesn’t exist but becomes a possibility in several years in the future. Every professional can get inspired from anything or everything that she or he sees around, feels, and is exposed to. Every experience can be a teacher and so can be movies.

Starting as a child, even movies such as Disney begin with providing valuable life lessons to children. The below infographic outlines the top six lessons earned from Disney characters.

The Lessons Learned from Disney Movies

There are thousands of movies of which many are simply reruns or spun off creations of what already exist. But there are many movies that are outright original and have more than a two hours experience to offer. Not all great movies have a lasting impression and not all bad movies have everything poor about them. Regardless of the box office performances and fan following of movies, here is a list of 11 movies that have some through provoking inspirations for marketers.

Movies are after all a manifestation of what a writer thinks and imagines, how a director envisions what has been written and how actors portray the characters created, blended with music and all the technical wizardry that goes into movie making. It is but natural for movies to have lessons which are very much applicable and relevant in real life. Many characters in movies have been a complete reincarnation of a real person, without accrediting, from real life to reel life. Also, many real life instances, people and ideas have been reincarnations of what have been depicted or shown in popular movies.

11 lessons marketers can learn from movies is a compilation which takes some very simple statements made by the protagonists or central characters of the movies which illustrate more than just the context of the dialogue in the movie. Those lines specifically speak of ideas, concepts and thoughts. Those sayings are manifestations of a person’s thought and it is thoughts that make a person who she or he is. Marketers are thinkers and it is their thoughts that find vent in their strategies. Hence it is only simpler and more easily understandable to assess what these iconic lines mean and how one can use them for marketing.

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