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11 Daily Habits of Effective Leaders


You possibly know how the rich and famous live their lives. Their lifestyles are often written about in great detail. Where they stay, how they dress, what they eat and even the details of their exercising make headlines. Such lifestyles aren’t for the average leader who works a normal job. Entrepreneurs, managers, team leaders and even aspiring leaders have a very well planned day-to-day routine. It may sound regimental but that is how leaders are groomed. If you are aspiring to be an entrepreneur, here are are some of the top highlights to keep in mind from this infographic.

1) An Average Leader Gets Up At Six.
Worst case scenario, they wake up at fifteen past six. The first thing they do isn’t checking emails or breakfast. There are many people who wake up and get to their phone or laptop. This is not the time for any work, not even food. It is the time to exercise. You have to get ready for the day and exercising is the best way to prep up for anything in life or work.

2) After Exercising, Do the Following.
After exercising till about seven, leaders spend about half an hour for a shower, grooming, dressing up and to grab a bite. Some leaders do have a large breakfast and in such cases they take an additional fifteen minutes. By quarter to eight or eight, leaders are on their way to work.

3) What to do With Your First Hour of Work.
The first hour at work is to get on top of things. To do that, one has to get updated about everything pertaining to the niche. Checking emails, texts, quick phone calls, studying reports and all such activities take up the first hour.

4) Using Your Second Hour Wisely.
The second hour is about getting ahead of things or being proactive. That is attained by strategizing. So strategy meetings, beginning of day sessions and goal settings, all happen in the first hour at work. That is followed up with another round of emails, texts and a quick snack.

5) Heading Towards Lunchtime.
The two hours leading to lunch are consumed by meetings, important tasks and projects. These tasks and projects are that of the leader which he or she has to do on his or her own. Most leaders have meetings while having lunch or schedule their conference calls just after lunch.

6) When The Afternoon Comes.
The two to three hours after lunch are for teamwork. A leader isn’t much without a team and working with the people is a better way of leading.

7) Dinner for Leaders.
When it comes to dinnertime for many leaders, it is usually planned before eight. Anywhere from a hour to three hours is expected to spend time with family and friends. This mostly applies to the weekday timeframe, not weekends.

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