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11 Best Wedding Apps for Party Planning and Photos


The Wedding Planner Goes Online: Apps For The Perfect Wedding

Getting married? The best advice you may get is to plan ahead. The amount of time spent on planning a wedding, on average, is 120 hours. The average cost, 30,000. The average number of guests, 120. Then there’s the decision-making: who will pay for the wedding, the couple themselves, or their parents? How will the costs be divided? And the budgeting: how much to allow for venue hiring costs, food, clothes and make-up, entertainment, flowers, photography, and the costs of the ceremony itself?

But help is at hand, now that there are a whole range of apps to help you plan the perfect wedding, and a timeline for what-to-do and when. Here’s how to manage the countdown to your wedding and the apps that will help you:

Getting Started

With 12 months to to go, begin planning, budgeting, organizing guest lists, and contacting vendors.

Wedding 911 by the knot
Use this iPhone app to get answers to all your questions about the wedding ceremony, or search the FAQs for answers and comments from other brides and brides-to-be.

Mac, iPhones; free

Wedding budget
This handy app keeps track of costs, provides clear displays to help you visualize your budgeting and expenses, and sends you reminders when payments are due. Warning: insists on balancing the budget!

Mac, free

Appy Couple
Collects guest list, RSVPs, sends reminders; allows you to create your own website for your wedding.

Mac, Android; costs $28

Our wedding planner
Manage your guest list, things-to-do list, budget and vendors

Android, free

Managing Your Health

With eight months to go, its time to begin preparing yourself physically and mentally for the big day. These apps help you plan and maintain fitness and diet routines, create your wedding website, and find time alone as a couple.

Track your own exercise routines and compete with your friends. Fitness made fun and easy.

Mac, Android; free

Calorie Counter and Diet
Has the largest food calorie counter database among iPad/ Android calorie counters.

Mac, Android; free

Easily create and maintain your wedding website, in under 5 minutes.

Online, free

Wedding website and matching invitations

Online, free

The best way to stay in touch.

Mac, Android; free

The Wedding Dress

With six months to go, its time to plan your wedding dress.

Wedding Dress Look Book, by the knot
Online shopping for the perfect wedding dress.

Mac, Android; free

Choose from a range of styles, colors and fabrics to create your own wedding dress. You can save the result as .jpg image and print to show your dressmaker.

Online, free

DIY site full of creative ideas and tips

Online, free

Planning Seating Arrangements

With four months to go and the guest list finalized, its time to plan seating arrangements.

Amazingly easy to use website for creating seating arrangements

Online, free

Seat Puzzle – Your optimal seating plan
Easily create seating plans, and update the as the RSVPs roll in

Mac, free


With one month to go, get ready to take, store and share pictures from one of the greatest days of your life.

Wedding Party – Getting married?
Easily your guests’ pictures, help them to connect and share memories of all the events. Your wedding seen through your guests’ eyes!

Mac, Android; free

Collect and share all your guest pictures in one album.

Online, free

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