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101 Class of 2021 Slogans and Sayings for T-Shirts

Here are some of the best Class of 2021 slogans and sayings for t-shirts ever used. These catchy Class of 2021 slogans will help inspire you to come up with your own slogan ideas.

2(1) Peas in a Pod.
2021 Crew.
2021 Run the World.
2021, Kiss My Class Goodbye.
22 Will See It Through.
99 Problems But Ain’t 2021.
A Class Like Ours You Can’t Find, the Class of 2021 is One of a Kind.
Ahead of the Rest, the Class of 2021 is the Best.
Alien NO Freshmen YES!
All for 2021, 2021 for All.
Bein’ Us and Having Fun. The Class of 2021 is Number 1.
Being us and having fun, 2021 is 1.
Being us and having fun, the class of 2021 is #1.
Best you’ve ever seen, Class of 2021.
Can’t Wait to Be ‘21.
Clap your hands, stomp your feet, Class of 2021 can’t be beat.
Class of 2021 – #SquadGoals.
Class of 2021 break the mold, our class is as good as gold!
Class of 2021. This is Our Year, Deal with It.
Class of 2021: A League of Our Own.
Class of two-one are divine. Shout it loud and let us shine!
Doin’ It B21.
Don’t Hate, Class of 2-0-2-1.
Every other class thinks they’re cool but 2021 is who rules the school.
Finally the end of the line, let’s hear it one time for twenty two-one.
Fine, Fresh Fierce. Senior Class of ’21.
Forget The Rest Class Of 2021 Is The Best!
Fresher today, leaders of tomorrow.
Freshest of the Fresh – Class of 2021.
Freshman are friends, Not food.
Freshmen – please don’t give us wedges.
Get Set – We Pose a Threat! (Class of 2021).
Go ahead and beam at the Class of 2021.
Good & Plenty – Class of 2021!
Have No Fear – The Class Of 2021 Is Here!
Hindsight is 2021.
If At First You Don’t Succeed, Then You’re Not Us – Class Of 2021.
It Aint No Fun Unless It’s Class ’21!
It Takes 21.
It took 2021 years to get a class this great!
It’s Our Time – Class Of 2-0-2-1.
It’s True, We’re the Class of 2021.
It’s Graduation Time for 2021.
Livin the Dream, Class of 21!
Lookin’ Fine, The Class Of 2-1.
Move on Up! Make Your Mark. 2021 Has Got the Spark.
Must We Remind, Class of 2021 is One of a Kind.
Never again to be seen is the class of ’21.
New Generation Freshman.
Next year you get to pick on someone else!
No need to shed any tears, we have two more years.
Nothing Will Come Between This Class of 2021.
Oh Thank Heaven, Here Comes The Class Of 2-1.
Original class of 2021, satisfaction guaranteed!
Our future is looking serene, we’re the class of 2021!
School is Boring, Boys Are Fun. We’re the Class of ’21.
Seniors wish they were this FRESH.
So Fresh, So Clean, We Are The Class Of 2021.
So much hassle for 2021 tassel!
Step aside while we rock the scene we’re the class of 2021.
Step aside while we rock the scene. Class of 2021 reigns supreme.
Straight Outta 2021!
Study hard, scream out loud, we’re the class of 2021 that makes you proud.
Take a second glance, at class of 2021 while you still have the chance!
Thank Goodness I’m a Freshman.
The best you’ve ever seen, class of 2021!
The Class Of 2021 Is A Blast, A Class Like Ours Is Unsurpassed!
The Class of 2021 Stuns.
This Frosh is the Boss!
Truth be told class of 2021 breaks the mold!
Wake Me Up When It’2 0ver!
Watch Me Wh21.
We Are The Future – 2021.
We Aren’t Low-Key (2021) We’re the Class to Be!
We Bring the Fun, We’re the Class of 2021.
We Did It For The Vine, We’re The Class Of 20 two-one!
We Don’t Want None Unless You Got 2021.
We fine. We Shine.
We just made the number lucky.
We put the fresh back in freshmen!
We Swerved. We Twerked. Now We Gotta Find Work. Class of 2021!
We’re Bringin’ FRESHY back (Class of 2021).
We’re cooler than you!
We’re fresh, we’re clean. we’re the class of 2021.
We’re Not Done Til It’s 2021!
We’re the 2021s You’ve Been Waiting For.
We’ve Seen a Thing Or 2(1).
We’re good as gold, we’re oh so bold, class of 2021 breaks the mold!
We’re Living the Dream. We’re the Class of 2021.
We’re makin the grade, we’re livin the dream, Class of 2021 reign supreme.
We’re Not Done Til It’s 2021.
We’re Super Fresh, Like Mr. Clean. We’re The Class of 2021!
We’re the 2021s You’ve Been Waiting For.
We’re the Class with Pizazz.
We’re the class you love to hate, The class of 2021 sure are great.
Who? Class of 2021!
Yell loud, be proud, be a Freshmen.
Yes, I am A freshman.
You wish you were this fresh!

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